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Transfer Budget


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not even worth guessing.


i'll just wait and see who we get when the time comes!


our transfers are never predictable.


even though robbie keane has been said to be on his way time and time again i don't weather he'll move or not may depend on spurs getting a new striker.


i'm sure we'll have cash to spend but I could just as easily guess that as I could guess how much all that stuff you've put on your car cost you!

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i think he has up to 10m to spend if he chooses to, Keane is meant to be coming (fingers crossed) and maybe a couple others. good thing about moyes is that he doesnt just spend for the sake of it, if the player is worth the money he will invest. i bet RS wish Houiller and Beneathus were as sensible instead of spending multil millions on second class trash!

the papers said today Chelasea may have aclear out, Geremi would be a good addition for us?! 3m maybe?

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Guest fozzie22

10 mill :rolleyes: not a chance in hell he'll be allowed to spend that..


As for Keane why the hell would he come here?? he's stated on many occasions that he wants to end his career at celtic

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i do believe we do have ten million, where is the Kuyt or owen money?

Robbie Keane is realistic and a central midfielder would be fantastic. If there is anything else to spend (ie through selling bent(2m we will be laughing)) then a fourth striker such as woolf, someone who will work hard and provide a few goals.


Imagine that we would have a squad! Kroldrup, Ferrari, Valente, Mcfadden (could we sell for 2m as well???), Kilbane, Ferguson, Woolf, Davies, Wright, Vaughan, carsley vying for a place on the bench!

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If i were David Moyes..i would make an attempt in January to buy - Grahame Sharp, Andy Grey,Adrian Heath,Peter Reid,Tevor Stevens,Derek Mountfield,Gary Stephens, Neville Southhall etc..... :rolleyes:

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Ask your reliable source, if it was true that big dunc went into our dressing room after the West brom shambles and tore a strip of them all, he said that they were a load of wankers and they didnt deserve to wear the blue shirt.


I believe Neville and Davies answered him back, and he got both of them by the throat up against the wall.


He wasnt injured this week, but thats why he wasnt in the squad, i heard a whisper from someone who keeps his ear close to the Ground. :D

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