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Alan Irvine Said...

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My Mothers Father in law's Grandson's Brother, so basically my brother ( i just need to add the long list because i cant really confirm the rumour)


anyway his workmates, kid brother is in the Everton academy and apparently Alan Irivine said that the likes of Victor Mark Hughes Vaughan Phelan Viddarsson Turner Ruddy Boyle etc, are good enough to win the Premier League and "will win somthing in europe"



2 Questions 1st, Should this be in Rumourama?


2nd, what do you think?

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cant see boyle being let go to be honest, hes in the same mold as ruddy, moyes letting him out for possible first team football to build up experience while theyre not quite ready yet, i think pretty much the rest of the names you mentioned are good enough to be a squad player, hopefully even more,and yes i think it should be in the rumourarama so ill move it :D

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nah not for me...


kissock, baxter, sound promising and possibly, cant see the others though.... victor could be good, but have to remember that not that many academy players will make it into the 1st team, so i cant see the entire side coming through and winning the league...not going to happen, think its a bit daft

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I would love football to be as simple as that. we have a crop of young players, all with great potential, and in 5 years time, they're our first XI. but it just doesn't work that way. one or two that succeed will be sold on (a la rooney, jeffers), a few might make the grade and come into the team, a few won't and will end up in the lower leagues....

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