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You Idiot - Man Mistakes Death Adder 4 Lizard...


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From Sydney Morning Herald.




A holidaymaker has received two doses of antivenom following five bites from the world's second-most deadliest snake, an NRMA Rescue Flight spokesman says.


The 50-year-old man was attacked by a death adder snake at the Del Rio water ski resort at Wisemans Ferry last night in Sydney's outer north-west.


He was bitten when he picked up the snake in the dark thinking it was a lizard.

( Hardly call picking it up as being attacked - Id ehave bitten the fecker a few times 2 if he had picked me up... :unsure: )


He arrived at 10.20pm (AEST) and has since received two doses of antivenom and is expected to receive additional doses today, the spokesman said.


The man has been moved from the hospital's emergency department to the intensive care unit


Can I just ask you all this 1 thing Tofeetalkers...Please dont pick up Lizard's. :blink::rolleyes::unsure:



Summers a coming down under. Kid stood on a Taipan a couple of blox form us on weeknd according to news reports...Hibernation is over...The rested creatures have been awoken...Fuk.


The 1 bit of Oz that scares shite outa Pat...Ya can have ya Al Qaeda...I got Red bax, Brown, tapian, death adder type snakes, box jellyfish , marine stingers, sharks & hot bitches in tiny thongs to deal with again this summer.


Thank god 4 the man who invented the battery pack iced cooler beer box thing.


Ill be steering clear of the water & bush (sic) tghiss eason be plonked on a public beach, pervin me heart out with the only fear of death being..>Suffocation by a tiny thong or a decapitation if a beer should explode in my stunningly efficient & effective porto coooler... :lol::lol::lol:


Summer love there aint no other love...Bring on the Ashes.

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