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Where To Get 'Everton' Stuff?


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We have a new baby on the way, and I'm at the stage where I'm looking to kit her out in our favourite team colours. But being in Australia, am finding it bl**dy hard. Everton online megastore always seems to crash, if I can get the site to load up at all. The only places I've been able to have any luck is the jjb website, and eBay. Any suggestions?

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Never had any problem with the megastore crashing..strange. They've got some good baby stuff on there at the mo..reduced prices as well by the look of it so I'd keep trying if I were you (happily do a screenshot for you if you like..then you could order over the phone) and JJB never carry anywhere near the same range. Josh's first kit is now in a clip frame on his bedroom wall :D .



In fact here it is...










The baby kit comes in away and third shirts also...phone is 0870 442 1878.

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What is it you are looking for?


Try ringing 00 44151 330 2200 and you can make an order over the phone :| or email the club. I cant find an email address for the web shop. That phone number may not work because they opted for 0870 number which is more expensive. That's the original number. it should work.

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