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Everton were right to release carney. sometimes play do not develop at their first club. for example gavin mcCann moved on to sunderland and was a much better player. if he stayed with Everton he wouldn't be half the player he was. anoter point the carney is playing in the the A-league no disrespect to that but is not the english premier league maybe more a chester or wrexham standard. But good luck 2 him its nice to see blues do well where ever they are.

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Fair call The break or disapointment does seem to have been the making of him.


However, on début V's Paraguay ( who we couldnt beat) for Australia...I also thought he was outstanding as he was in a futrher International I saw him play before injury.


Ay & for Louis.. John Aloisi is back @ Alaves...His brother Ross plays for Adelaide.


Both are shiote. :)


P.s Saw Scott Gemmil play again for NZ Knights..LOl..he appears on team sheet...Then ??????...he doesnt even play the sideways crab anymore...just goes missing. Cha ching retiremnt fund.

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