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The Police


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Outside me local last night on me phone when all of a sudden there was a mass brawl between around 20 lads.


The bouncers managed to throw the 'trouble starters' out and one guy took a beating, bloody everywhere and what I overheard a bust nose.


Now with not goin into too much detail, basically he was sat down just chattin when some lad, for no apparent reason comes over and conks him on his nose. Not a Christmas surprise he wanted no doubt.


Anyway, point of the story is the Police are outside, the police woman goes to the fella with the bust nose, "merry christmas" in a light hearted tone. Now I'm sorry but that isn't the thing I would have said, no guessin that one of his mates weren't too pleased. He argues with her people skills and then she warns them to forget it and says that she is only tryin to get attention away from whats happened. One of his mates answers classicly "what? like hes gonna forget havin a broken nose?". Anyway, another of his mates says, "yeah, and a happy new year" (mimin a knee to the nuts) She then gets way too agressive and orders them to "drop it".


Now is it just me or do police women have a chip on their shoulder? I've had a few "disagreements" with police woman over my time but I think that incident summed it all up, Police have no commonsense.


Now I'm not slaggin off all police, a couple of mates are part of the bill but why do some suffer from power trips. Sorry about this pointless thread but would like to know everyone elses stories about police.

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Maybe the Police woman was trying to be 'non-threatening' with a group of drunken people who have obviously been involved in a brawl. Regardless of the sex of the Police officer, being in the center of a volitile and heated situation - when you are the one in uniform who everybody is looking at, surely can not be that easy...even if you are experienced at it!


I really don't think it is fair to say that all Police women have a chip on their shoulder. Doubtless, some do, but not all. My answer to your final question would be that the Police are only a cross section of our own society, therefore, there are good and bad. It's as simple as that!


More to the issue, what is wrong with going out, having a couple of drinks, have a good laugh, then going home. Why do some useless pricks take it for given, that they must assault, threaten, intimidate, aggravate anybody and everybody else during the night out. I just don't get it at all...



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I totally agree with women police abusing authority. I got 3 points on my license for something that was admitidly wrong but a bit of commen sense wouldnt have gone a miss. I went the wrong way down a one way system for the simple fact that i was dropin my mate off and it was a ruff area, he'd already been mugged twice so id take him to his door. instead of going the whole way round the one way system which is unnececerly complicated, i went through it. i pulled over and then a pair of headlights in my mirror, next thing i get told to turn my engine off and she gave me three points. Found out the next day i shudnt have got them cos she was on her own and technically needed a witness!!! what got me more was that it was 12.12 AM!! it was a rough neiberhood and id just finished a busy shift at work, all i wanted was a bit of leaniency, my friends have been pulled over numerouse times for speeding and they just get a ticking off, o do one thing worng and i get 3 points.

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Dunno...unless this incident happened in Scotland (and even then it is not always required), a police officer does not need 'co-oberate' evidence which they have witnessed themselves. Many incidents in England are dealt with by only one officer. I don't think that the Police officer was with attitude though, as a police officer merely observes, investigates and reports a crime/offence.


If you had any concerns, you should have opted to go to court rather than accepting the points.


Thanks mate



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