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Am I Biased Towards Goodison Park?


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I have been trying to get my point across on FIFA and PES websites that I think Goodison should be in the games because it is a traditional stadium. Here's an example of a post I've made recently.


My question is, do I come across as biassed towards GP or are my points relevent as to why GP should be in the games. Here is a quote from a recent forum post on Fifa 07 boards.


The problem is that we feel we are being continually overlooked. Outsiders looking in presume Everton is just a small premiership club and that Goodison Park is a dump. I do not think you will fully appreciate the heritage as you are still a teen (judging by your name). Im only slightly older than you but as an Evertonian you are brought up to know the clubs history.


As someone pointed out in a previous post - Goodison Park was the first purpose built football stadium way back in 1892.


It was the first British sports ground ever to have double-decker stands on all 4 sides and the first to have a 3 tier stand.


It was also the first English league ground to have undersoil heating


It was also the first football stadium to be visited by a ruling Monarch in 1913 when King George V came to visit.


It was the first stadium in England to host a world cup semi final.


One corner of the ground is actually formed by a church - if you look at old pictures of Goodison Park fans used to climb over the wall and watch the games from the roof of the church.


Goodison Park is instantly recognisable to all football fans and it is full to the brim of character.


It enrages Evertonians that it has been omitted from videgogames again and again because it was the benchmark for other clubs.


Then some Houstan based fan says:


If EA adds another Premiership stadium, I prefer it to be the City Of Manchester Stadium.


You're entitled to your opinion.


Unfortunately that, to me sums up the mentality of what's wrong with football fans. I don't mean that to be offensive.


I have just posted the reasons why I think GP should be in FIFA including heritage, tradition and the fact that it is a pioneer for the modern football grounds you see today. It is truly a flagship stadium in my eyes.

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Sure your biased, but isnt that a good thing


Your in the minority Louis, as you put in your message, "Unfortunately that, to me sums up the mentality of what's wrong with football fans"


People do not see our history, they only see the last 5 seasons of the prem

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I agree with you but I am sure loads of fans of clubs like Tottenham and Villa would be arguing that they are as big as us and that their various stadiums deserve to be in the game, I don't play FIFA so don't know if these stadiums are already in it. Alternatively get PES on PC Louis and Enjoy Goodison in all of it's fan made glory.

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