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This Feature Is A Must For The Official Site


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Over here even the yellow pages has full local stadium layout diagrams, seat numbers, sections, all booking details etc & buying tickets online is really being pushed.


I can even buy a ticket for any sporting event, concert etc, via my Gal's arl Fella's Butcher shop..!!!

( Is how got Ashes Tickets so easy & readily, My Mr's was sat ready to press enter 10 mins before they went on sale :) )


Is all linked up with EFTPOS & he acts as sub agent type.


I wouldnt think an online interactive stadium gizmo like above would be that hard or expensive to nock up.


But knowing our lot they are prob shelling out millions to some IT mob of which the members of TT could prob do or prodce a near decent job of anyway.


Missed the boat on that 1.


Some on should Email the above Texan example to the club.

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