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Bloody Beattie


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I don't know about you but this makes me really angry.


Beattie has been absolute garbage yet he is buying £200k Lambo's and parading them around.


In any other job they would have sacked him but yet here is playing 30 mins of football per month and buying flash motors. Takes this piss.


If I were him I'd have my head down trying to show some professionalism and trying to repay the vast amount of money paid to him. I'd start by going down the gym and working off my man boobs!

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Its not that he bought a lambo at all.


Its more the fact that he isn't earning his money and that decent profesional would be too self concious to purchase something like that when he's not contributing AT ALL!


I have no problem with the likes of Arteta, Neville etc splashing the cash because they are playing! Even when they aren't performing they put a lot of effort in.


I'm no stranger to nice cars myself but if I was performing at work I'd keep my head down...

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