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What A Day


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what a nightmare of a day i have had i got up this morning made a pot of tea only to find out when i poured my first cup i had forgotten to put teabags in the pot then the dog was sick which in turn made me late for work which got me a bollocking from the boss and just when i thought thinks couldnt get worse i arrived home to find my tv ariel two roof tiles and three fence panels laying smashed on the path thanks to the wind so i am going to do what any sensible man would do at this point and go and have a few pints down the pub

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Hurricane in 1987 I got up in the morning in my flat in London totally oblivious to what had happened the night before (which was normal :lol: ) and went into the toilet to find the ceiling had relocated to the floor overnight (which was not :unsure: ). Had no idea what had caused it until I had to get through an assault course of walls and trees blown over to get to work. Strange day.


You have my sympathy Neil and my admiration for your stoicism.

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