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I was at the Wigan game on Sunday - and it was terrible. Not worth watching - although the result was great and inspired by the hard work of ANichebe - and Beattie.


Okay - BT only came on in the last 10 - but he did the hard work that got the ball out to Neville for the cross that led to the 2nd goal.


He does that alot - but he gets little credit for it because he aint scoring goals.


I think that he is going to turn the corner - he is looking fit and lean.


I want him to be good - because he can be deadly on his day!

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Should he have been brought on earlier you think?

Definately - he should have come on much sooner to give the Wigan defence something to think about.


Anichebe came on and the impact was instant - a penalty after he was given the ball, held it up in the area and good old unsie lent across him for no reason. After that he kept wigan on the back foot because we pumped the ball up to him and everytime he got infront of his man and held it up. It was good to watch and you can't ask for more apart from a goal.


Beattie came on (81st min i think) and almost had the same effect. I know Neville's cross was first class but Beattie did the hard work to get that ball out to the wing just behind the defence for Neville to run on to and one touch cross!


Beattie looked strong and fit - He should have been on sooner in my opinion.

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