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Andrés Guardado

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I remember reading that Everton were interested in him during the January window. He is currently playing at Atlas in Mexico and I got the opportunity to watch him play against the U.S in the friendly last week. He plays left mid and was by far the best player on the pitch during the match. He has a lot of pace and got off a lot of good crosses. I doubt we will get him since the likes of Real Madrid and Inter are looking at him but it is worth checking out. Plus he is only 20. Who knows though maybe his game won't fit the Premiership but I was very impressed. This is the video that someone posted before...



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Joe.. is he left back or winger? I only know his name through the game 'Football Manager' and he is one of the best players on the game. Where did you read we were interested do you remember?


It's quite strange that we are linked with two exotic names in one day when our scouting system is apparently so poor.

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it was me who started the topic originaly after hearing it on radio city one evening. im a massive fan of his and after watching him in the world it convinced me that he could play at the top level.
He can play left back but he is much more effective as a winger and that is where he plays on Mexico's national team. He gets down the side with ease and has a quality touch. I believe I read it from Jackelz but also read it on another website in December. According to wikipedia though lots of clubs are interested in. Atlas is asking for atleast 5 million Euros for him which is something we could probably offer. He would give us pace as a left winger.
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Well I just bought this lad on FM07 for Arsenal. He's quality. Not that it has anything to do with him signing for us but thought I'd mention it lol.


FM can sometimes be spot on with unknown players, i remeber signing gamst pedersen before he went to blackburn and he was always class.


though i did sign players like balaban and they did the job for me and not in real life.

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I was reading on the Toffeeweb rumors that Moyes was looking at the South American talent at this year's copa libertadores. He is supposely looking for a left winger. Although Guardado's club isn't in the tournament maybe this might be a sign that Moyes is still interested. Again this is just wishful thinking and I'm not sure how accurate the rumor is anyways.

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