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Did anyone else see this on Sunday (meant to post earlier) the wife was watching and I walked in when this old boy brought in (not entirely sure of the detail 'cos I missed the beginning) a blazer from the '66 World Cup. He'd been issued it to meet people (teams, officials, vips or whatever, not certain) at Lime Street Station and direct them wherever. So the bloke asked him..


"Which grounds did they use in Liverpool ?"

"Oh," he said, "Liverpool's,"

"Not Everton's then?"

"No," says the befuddled old buffoon, "I don't think so anyway."


The "expert" didn't put him right either <_< .


Didn't hear how much it was worth, or a signed "Ian Callaghan" England shirt (now that's a rarity), because I was hurling abuse at the TV screen. Hopefully it was about £3.50.

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