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Anyone A Member On This Site?


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We have the world famous Anusol Cup (link to thread) and a league within the FA Premier Fantasy whatever but that was started by Born to be Blue and has died a death I think. Probably be scope to start up a fantasy league next season I'd have thought (personal opinion) so try making the offer again in two or three months....I'd certainly have a go.

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It isn't a bad site, i've gone through a couple of seasons on it and even won the league as the Toffees. I'm the second highest ranked Everton maager on the site :D .


I also have a sub-account with my hometown team Northampton Town, the mighty Coblers are sitting in16th at the moment.


You don't have to sign in everday to see your teams results, as long as you sign in once every days you are okay, if you can't make it in 3 dys u can turn on holiday mode.


You manage the team's transfers, tactics, formations, line-ups etc. everything on computer games manager simulators, great fun as well.


If the forum ever wants a league just give me a shout here and I'll be happy to set one up. ;)





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