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No More Relegation?

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thats ridiculous ... then near the end of the season theres nothin to play for for bottom half and nothing to play for for most of the championship .... just because his teams shite and slipping down the league .... who is he to say reading dont deserve to be up, or wigan or any of the other recently promoted teams that ave performed well and fought with all their heart ... take away relegation you take away excitement in my opinion not add to it


what a fucking twit

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What an idiot...the same goes for Boro then as they only got promoted to the premiership...err...was it 1999? Or '98? Anyway it was within the last 9 years so.


Pfft how will it make the Premiership more exciting? he relegation battle makes it way more exciting than playing for nothing. They have to grind out results so will try hard in all games where as if there was consequence for losing then half way through the season the bottom half will be boring as they won't go out and try harder for a win than they would if relegation was breathing down their neck.


Utter nonsense which is a worry when its coming from someone of his experience.

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No more relegation!!!.......You know I can remember listening to

a certain game....Everton v Wimbledon..(on my little radio) many

years ago now!.....losing 0-2!!!!!!.....Tell you what "No more relegation"

sure has a nice ring to it,at that time!I would have signed up to that!


BUT we survived....and it's games like that that make football what

it is!................"No more relegation"NAH daft idea.....unless of course

your 0-2 down at home in the last game of the season.

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what gives him the right to say that teams are not good enough if they go through the ranks and win promotion i would welcome them with open arms its not easy to do, he has never managed a lower division club, he was lucky and got to manage a top flight club,

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I've often thought that American sports leagues could benefit from having relegation. We have too many teams like the Kansas City Royals in baseball or the Detroit Lions in the NFL where their owners seem perfectly happy to make money hand-over-fist while their team stinks up the field every year. Threatening them with relegation would force them to (heaven forbid!) actually make an honest effort to be competitive, or else they'd lose their gravy train.

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