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Germany 2006

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Aparently im off to the Commonwealth games...Wooohooo.


She thinks it will be great.



I dont care.


envious ooberman, though a trip back home is pencilled for next xmas...so be warned TTalkers...Ive got a sun tan now & ill steal all ya women...!!!

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booked my flights yesterday - booking accomodation with any luck today (EDIT: DONE! WOOP!) - 6 months seems SO far away though!


so you pencilling in your trip back home to coincide with some footie i assume?


commonwealth games, jeez.....tough breaks! :D

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Guest Reg Reagan
Reg, no offence mate but with your opinions i cant make up my mind if you would be more dangerous with the English hooligans in Germany or in Isreal!


My opinion stay home and dont offend anyone  :lol:   :P


who said im offending anyone?


and would i be with the english hooligans which majority of them are made up of londoners?

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