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  1. There is only one thing that I hate, and I mean HATE. 'Garlic'😝. Must be descended from Dracula.
  2. johnh


    I was once playing golf at Turnberry in Scotland. When I was driving home, I took a short cut across country from Turnberry to the M74 on a single track road. I had driven for ages and saw no other traffic. I then saw a car coming the other way so pulled into a passing place. The other car stopped next to me and asked if I knew the way to a small village that I had just passed through. I told them they were almost there and then asked them if they could direct me to London. Gobsmacked just about sums it up! Did tell them I was only joking though.
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    Mike, hopefully, like me, you will reach an age where dates, days and time in general, don't matter. What day is it? Is it time for tea yet?
  4. Everton 1 Man U 2 DCL (I keep putting DCL as my first scorer as the law of averages says he will get ONE before the season ends!)
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    Have a great day Mike. Will raise a glass of red a bit later.
  6. Fulham have conceded 76 goals in the Premiership, the worst by far. After 60 minutes, we have had one shot on target.
  7. No. My son-in-law comes from East Kilbride. Think he got smuggled in in the back of a lorry. 😁
  8. Regarding the wall that that guy Hadrian built. Have the Scots paid for it yet?
  9. DCL didn't have a clear cut chance when we spent so much time in and around their penalty area. Yes, that's exactly what I mean. He's not a natural striker.
  10. 23 attempts on goal = 1 scored and that by a defender. We desperately need a striker. DCL holds the ball up well, wins some headers, has pace to frighten the opposition, the only problem is he can't score goals.
  11. Was scrolling through the latest football results this afternoon. Saw that Palace were winning 1-0. Said out loud 'that will be a penalty won by Zaha'. Exactly right, though you don't have to be Nostradamus to forecast that one. Palace must get more penalties than any other team in the Premiership.
  12. Southampton 1 - 0 up after 15 minutes.
  13. Oh, missed that. Sorry to hear it. I can sympathise, had it happen to me once. Guy phoned me, asked me would I not sell it until he could see it. 'I want it ' he said. He never turned up., never heard from him again.
  14. Liverpool got another two extra points courtesy of a goalkeeping error. Premiership goalkeepers must all have had a bet on Liverpool winning the league. Along with our Jordan, there have been a couple of other goalkeeping howlers that have given Liverpool all three points.
  15. Mike, if the cash is in your pocket, I hope they didn't pay you in coins.😄
  16. An excellent win. I know this sounds greedy but with 17 attempts on goal and 9 on target, there should have been a better return than 2 goals.
  17. A default 'no deal' looks a strong possibility. Certainly favoured by Macron. I might even put him on my Christmas card list.
  18. There have been several member states who have had multiple referendums which, eventually, end up with a vote in favour of the EU. It is somewhat naive to think that the EU have no influence.
  19. BBC eh Mike. The graph on the in/out vote looks an identical reversal of the referendum vote. If the 'proper' referendum was undemocratic, why would a second one be democratic? Typical EU 'democracy', keep voting until the EU wins.
  20. Way to go. Got to get over 17 million. (Plus they have to eliminate all the bogus signatures.)
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