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  1. Yes, I am also seriously surprised Rubes. There is a word for individuals who, having been elected to represent a party and a manifesto, instead force their own (and different) views onto the people who voted for them. 'Dictatorial' is the word that comes to mind. If these people had any integrity they would resign as MP's and trigger a by-election and put their views to the test. Some hope, we are talking politicians here.
  2. Matt, if Remain had won I just get the feeling that you wouldn't have been concerned that it was legally unbinding or even, perhaps, illegal. So you are saying that an MP who gets elected on the party manifesto, which was voted for by his/her constituents, should be entitled to go against that because he/her, as an individual, knows what its best for them? Some weird form of democracy that. Probably EU democracy.
  3. Matt, didn't they get elected on the party manifesto? In the case of the three Tory MP's who bailed out on an anti-Brexit stance, their constituencies all voted 'leave'. Doesn't sound like democracy to me.
  4. We'd have to hire Yosser Hughes to re-build it at the other end during half-time.😁
  5. We will be back shortly after some planned maintenance. (i.e. when everyone has agreed the wording of our statement, which may take some time.)
  6. When I was 13 years old I was selected for a trial with Liverpool boys. The trial was to be held at the sports ground in Penny Lane. My Dad said he would take me (he had an old Ford van). I was excited as my Dad had never been to see me play for the school team. We went on the day and my brother came along also. Most of the other lads in the trial were 15 and 16 and seemed big lads to me. During the game I looked for my Dad but couldn't see him or my brother. After the game, my Dad turned up and said he had to go somewhere to do with his work. He didn't see any of the game. There was a game on the next pitch to ours and my brother said he watched the other game as it was better than ours! Never heard anything more after my trial but still remember how disappointed I was that my Dad didn't watch.
  7. Just digressing. But, if your aunty had a dick she'd by your uncle. Not necessarily, these days she'd just have to register whichever sex she fancied and that would be it.
  8. Sunday paper talk today is that Man U will be offering Lukaku in part exchange for either Dybala of Juventus or Icardi of Inter Milan. Lukaku plus £25m, which puts Lukaku at £75m.
  9. I agree about Boardman Palfy. I think the Fokker that was actually a Messerschmitt originated with Stan.
  10. Steve, the real problem is that he would read what you wrote and feel proud. Probably include it in his next election campaign.😁
  11. It's the Champions League. If UEFA investigate at all it will only be a mild rebuke. Liverpool's disgraceful attack on the Man City coach only resulted in a 'loose change' fine.
  12. I'm not sure that its Silva whose abandoned the high press. He's got no choice as the players aren't prepared to work hard enough.
  13. The firm I used to work for, the Managing Director and one other Director retired to Sidmouth. Mike is right, the retirement home of Great Britain.
  14. johnh

    Jokes thread

    I like the one from the Mother who threatened her son that she would get 'Carol' round to cook his dinner if he didn't eat what she'd cooked.
  15. Gordon Banks has died. RIP. I played golf with him at the Belfry some years ago. A lovely man and the best goalkeeper England ever had.
  16. If John Charles was going to Juventus today, his wages would be £1m per week.
  17. There is now a 4 point gap to the team above us and a 5 point gap to the team two places above us - and they have games in hand. Of the 3 teams below us, two are level on points with us and the other is one point behind. They all have games in hand. We have a poor team. Weak defence, a midfield that doesn't create anything and a forward line that can't score. By the end of February we will be down in 12th place.
  18. More like he wanted to impress Man City.
  19. Watford 1 (set piece) Everton 1 Richarlison
  20. No, Chach. I've got higher standards than that.😁
  21. This game was a mirror image of our season. Goal conceded from a set-piece. only one shot on target at the other end. If Silva continues with this zonal marking, then he has to go. He is either stubborn or clueless.
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