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  1. I see Donald Trump lost Iowa, we can sleep easily.
  2. johnh


    The fact we need a striker is clearly identified every time the team is selected. Sometimes its Richarlison, sometimes its DCL, sometimes its Tosun, (didn't Walcott start there once?) and it seldom works.
  3. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Manchester City 1 Everton 1 Richarlison
  4. johnh

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    2 points out of the last 9 available, including two home games, is not impressive.
  5. johnh

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Watford have had twice as many attempt on goal as us. We are playing at home, aren't we?
  6. johnh

    For the older music members.

    Having said that, I think the one I didn't get, suddenly came to mind (I think) Discs a 'gogo'?
  7. johnh

    For the older music members.

    Oh Mike! I would be acutely embarrassed admitting I knew all that.😀
  8. johnh

    For the older music members.

    Which comedian had the biggest selling single of 1965? Ken Dodd (or possibly Max Bygraves). No. 8 Ready stead 'Go', Thank your lucky 'stars', Juke Box 'Jury', 6:5 'Special' Discs a ? Don't know any of the others, more into modern jazz at the time.
  9. johnh

    Kopite Thread

    Just had a look on the BBC live text for the Bournemouth v Liverpool game. The BBC reporter, a Matthew Henry, must be a Kopite as his adulation for Liverpool knows no bounds. Liverpool even 'deserved' the 'unlucky own goal' by Bournemouth.😝
  10. Mike, I agree with the general principal of what you say but the problem is, there is no one to give it to who can. Maybe Siggy, occasionally , but that's it. Last game, 18 attempts on goal, 14 corners (don't know how many free kicks) and 1 goal. Stats that are getting very familiar.
  11. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 2 Watford 0 Walcott
  12. johnh

    The Odd News Thread

    Driving through Woodley yesterday (about 4 miles from Reading). About 100 yards ahead, I saw two policeman on the pavement, just standing watching approaching traffic. Immediately suspecting a speed trap I slowed down. As I got closer I saw that they were in paramilitary uniform and were both holding sub-machine guns. Don't know what that was all about and haven't been able to find out yet. Thought I was in Birkenhead for a minute!
  13. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Bloke picks up a hitch-hiker. After a few minutes the hitch-hiker says 'do you think its risky picking up a hitch-hiker, I could be a serial killer?' The bloke says 'No, the odds on there being two serial killers in my car at the same time are astronomical.'
  14. johnh

    Marko Arnautovic

    I saw him a couple of times when he played for Stoke. In one game, he obviously got narked about something. He totally went out of the game, Stoke were effectively playing with 10 men, Not for me.
  15. johnh

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    76% possession, 18 attempts on goal, 14 corners = 1 goal. Of the 18 attempts on goal only 3 were on target. We desperately need a striker who knows where the goal is. These stats are getting very familiar.
  16. johnh


    In the EU, past facts are not a guide to the future. The EU is changing all the time. I voted, back in the 1970's, to enter the European Common Market. I never had a vote on what the EU has become nor do I recall seeing a manifesto. Two things that can change facts from past events. If we have a second referendum and vote remain then we will almost certainly be required to enter the eurozone. The euro benefits one country, Germany, and most of the economic problems in the EU member states is down to the euro. The second is the EU army. How many billions will we have to fork out for this? Mentioning the EU army, if you can stand it, go onto Youtube and Google Farage v Clegg European army. It is cringworthy. A senior British politician (Clegg) Deputy Prime Minister and probably the most rabid Europhile in Parliament, rages against Farage, tells him that a European army is a 'fantasy'. Now, as a senior politician and a leading Europhile, you would expect Clegg to have his finger on the EU pulse, so he was either lying through his teeth or he hadn't a clue what was happening in Brussels. I don't think he was lying. As with most things that happen in the development of the EU, it all happens behind closed doors, decided by the unelected elite. A common complaint by remainers is that leavers didn't know what they were voting for. The same is true of remainers, in spades.
  17. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 2 Newcastle 0 Richarlison
  18. johnh


    Palfy, its not a question of 'not wanting to believe it', like most things from 'Remain' it falls into the category of propaganda. Unfortunately for remain, the selection of the presenter was poor. Using a celebrity just tells us that remain were more concerned about the 'presentation' than the message. To clarify my position, I have no interest in anything put out by remainers. I thought hard about my decision, voted leave, and would vote leave again. We won and all I am interested in now, is getting out as soon as possible.
  19. johnh


    Palfy, if the Governor of the Bank of England can get it so wrong, why would I be interested in what a celebrity thinks?
  20. johnh


    Mike, Carney came up with a load of forecasts after the referendum, how did they go? He's a bit hard faced to come up with the latest load of crap after getting it so wrong last time. He is starting to back off now, claiming that it was a 'worst case' scenario. Why didn't they also produce a 'best case' scenario? probably because they didn't bother doing one.
  21. johnh


    What sums up the quality of Carney's 'project hysteria' is his forecast that house prices will fall by a third. I presume he is ignorant of the economic law of 'supply and demand'.
  22. And he only received one pass! Haf should like this. In Telegraph Sport today there is an item - Man U expressing an interest in Arnautovic of West Ham. That sums up Lukaku better than all the analysis provided by Haf.😁
  23. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Steve, must own up. I originally nominated Sigurdsson as my scorer but when Matt told me he was injured, I edited my post to nominate Walcott. I think you may have missed this. I know where Matt lives and have made arrangements.😁
  24. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Liverpool 1 Everton 1 Richarlison
  25. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    If we send a Bobby to investigate, he will have to learn how to say 'hello, hello, hello in Sentinelese.