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  1. But the French government can inject multi-millions into Renault? Still, France and Germany are law's unto themselves in the EU and Germany's stance in this respect could signal the end of the euro and the end of the EU as we know it.
  2. I don't think companies like Nissan 'cross their fingers' on a deal of this scale. I suspect that they have had numerous discussions with the EU, behind closed doors - which appears to be the way things get done in the EU.
  3. Mike, I note that your extract is from the Guardian. Just to provide 'balance', The Telegraph starts its article 'The Japanese company announced its Spanish factory will shut to save costs. Sunderland will become Nissan's European manufacturing hub as a result'. Sounds like 'closing their Barcelona plant and moving it to Sunderland' to me.
  4. You must have missed the latest news on this as I'm sure you would have posted it if you hadn't. Nissan are closing their Barcelona plant and moving it to Sunderland.
  5. So at last we seem to have got somewhere. You were comparing Boris to Mao and Hitler in the context of genocide. At first, I thought it was just your usual outrageous OTT but I now realise you are serious. You really need to see someone and get some counselling. To use Scouse terminology 'get your bumps felt'. Don't bother responding as I can't be bothered wasting time on you.
  6. What is the context in which schoolchildren 50 years from now discuss Boris in relation to Hitler and Mao? Is it genocide or which single malt they prefer?
  7. China have got a lot to answer for.
  8. History reckons that Mao was responsible for 40+ million deaths, Stalin and Hitler 20+ million each. Don't think Boris is in that category. I hope you are not too distraught if the death rate from the virus falls. Most of us will be delighted.
  9. Good one that Mike.
  10. I think the reason that there''s not a petition going around is that people saw what a waste of time the Brexit petition was.
  11. Exactly right Palfy. I have a guy comes in late autumn every year. Does all the pruning of trees and shrubs and tidies the flower beds. I have another guy who comes in early spring and scarifies the lawn, front and back. I can still mow the lawns but as most of our garden is lawn and shrubs that is the only work I have to do.
  12. I thought the purpose of the Swiss army was to protect the Pope!😄
  13. My 'crazy time' was between the ages 12 to 15. After I left school at 15, I started work and morphed into a very sensible youth. National Service kept me on the straight and narrow.
  14. What you don't highlight though Palfy is that we are ALL Toffee's on here, which, as you rightly say, is what the website is all about. Even on a non-football thread, I don't expect to be called a Nazi and a murderer. When I first joined this website I thought I had found the holy grail. It was brilliant. Unfortunately and particularly since Brexit, it has deteriorated. The Mod's have no balls and let anything go - as long as it fits in with their political views. The only critical post by a Mod that I have seen, was to RPG and his post didn't accuse anyone of being a Nazi or a murderer.
  15. He's a politician, he thinks people need/want to see him.
  16. Yes, if someone throws punches at me in the street then as far as I'm concerned the Marquess of Queensbury rules are redundant.
  17. I think you mean that Barnier got the hump because we didn't accept everything he demanded.
  18. I never believed in punching anyone - not if I had a stout pair of boots on.
  19. Mark, only just spotted this. Belated happy birthday to your son. 6 year old birthday's are just happy memories for me. My eldest is 60 this year! Still love them though. Make the most of their childhood Mark, it will soon be nattering teenager's.😄
  20. There is a rumour that we are considering signing Captain Tom Moore as he gets through more work than Gylfi?
  21. Palfy, sorry to hear your sad news. Some good news too though. We are doing OK and hope that you and all your family and friends are keeping well.
  22. Norman Hunter has died from Covid-19. RIP.
  23. Short memory. Why was austerity necessary? Labour were at least honest and left their infamous note in the Treasury - 'There is no money left'. Every Labour Government since WW2 has destroyed the economy, Gordon Brown did a better job than most.
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