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  1. We better all agree not to be too productive or they might realise they don't need us all!
  2. That's whataboutery, Australia has had mandatory detention since the 90's for people arriving without a valid visa. (most of whom have been settled here as soon as their identify and status as refugees could be established) That is not analogous to detaining your own citizens and subjecting them to "re-education" because of their religious beliefs and then harvesting the organs of citizens who won't comply. The US and Australia are taken as credible because they ARE credible, we have multi layered government systems with separation of power and a robust free press. There is no comparison.
  3. 1) There's nothing in that Guardian article where Blair trashes Brown's performance as Chancellor. ( You're going to need more evidence that a news article link to demonstrate Brown's fiscal policy wrecked both employment and the economy too by the way) 2) Nice attempt at an ad hominem there, but pension schemes in Australia are mandated under law whereby ones employed contributes 9.5% on top of your salary into you fund. Private or public sector.
  4. Government debt as a proportion of GDP under Brown was lower than the previous Tory government, government spending as a % of GDP has been constant since the war.
  5. Update, two days WFH and have to admit I'm being much more productive so far, although not enjoying the video meetings at all.
  6. I'm a public servant so very across the way things work, the average person would be amazed at how little changes when the government does. They will have their election commitments which in the grand scheme is typically fiddling around at the edges, the vast majority is BAU.
  7. I really don't see you you can make this claim while you're denying to provide a definition of what money is and how it's created. Comparisons to the 70's when the UK was on the gold standard are spurious to say the least.
  8. Thing is mate I would believe a right biased US news publication before anything the Chinese government was telling us, remember they currently have a couple of million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps for "re-education"
  9. Mate, you're barking up the wrong tree trying to make this a partisan issue (and so is RPG). The civil service is running the show as best they possibly can and the government are just reporting on what they're doing. (badly)
  10. That a cop out, it's not a political question. It's an important clarification when you are bandying around assertions that your party is spending it wisely and your political rivals are spending it wantonly. If you don't answer any further posts will moot until such time that you do.
  11. Media bias has them as right biased but mostly factual, which is entirely possible unless you view conservatism as a mental illness. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/national-review/
  12. Can I ask you what you think money is and how it is created?
  13. What are the Tories doing now then?
  14. haha, show me in the post where I said no companies were registered in the UK? Jog on and learn some reading comprehension.
  15. Jesus, I never even realised they'd branched into food. They need to be stopped (broken up) before they take over the world.
  16. 1) Who said anything about British companies? What even is a British company now if anything other than in name, companies are looking to sell their products to the world. The future is online, borders are going to become less and less relevant particularly in the service industry. Look at Automaticc, billion dollar company started by a guy who is still only 36 now, 1200 employees in 70 countries and no offices. Amazon are the biggest retailer in the world, don't have a single shop, Facebook, Google etc the high street is over. Within a generation no one will be going to the supermarket to do their shopping in person. The ship has sailed mate and Brexit will bring a little back but not very much. 2) At some stage you are going to have to decide if you're a free market neo-liberal or a left winger, left wingers do not rue the end of the European Union.
  17. Yeah I don't think experts are as unanimously bullish about the AI technology boom creating jobs like previous technology booms, drivers of cars and trucks are going to be the first jobs to go which is the job pretty much anyone can currently get, obviously there will be a lot of new jobs for people who know how to code but they're not going to be the people who lose the driver jobs and we already have serious problems inequality now. Regards to WFH I personally don't like it so pretty biased, I like the interaction and camaraderie with workmates and I only live 3km from the office so spend no time commuting/in traffic.
  18. Can you elaborate on this then "This won’t change things for the worse, it will make things better" So far I've only seen this lead to some fairly bad political outcomes and worse working conditions, which is going to get a whole lot worse when artificial intelligence is added to the equation and neither labour nor brain is required. Not saying we should stop progress, just think we should have our eyes open to the realities of creating a new underclass with no place for them in the economy.
  19. What type of jobs do you think automation created for the people it put out of work?
  20. I'd say its almost certainly untrue, they've been trying to rein these things in for years and you'd hope this event is the straw than broke the camels back.
  21. I thought the complete opposite, start with number 1: The job you were told couldn't be done remotely, can be done remotely. No thinking left winger with a basic understanding of Keynesian economics would want to abandon working in offices, the amount of indirect jobs lost from that transition would make the closing of the coal mines look like The Sound of Music. Unfortunately when corporations do discover that the job can be done remotely, stage 2 will that job being done in a 2nd world country by someone who will do it for a fraction of the salary.
  22. "Virus means Virus!" would have been better than "Get Virus Done!" to be fair.
  23. This is the kind of systemic failure that leads me to believe there is no actual plan. If you don't have a plan to treat cancer patients in an event as foreseeable as this then thats a huge failure of planning. There doesn't even seem to be a plan for the other at risk, the diabetics, the asthmatics/people with other respiratory diseases. etc.
  24. Honestly Palfy, you've said absolutely fuck all there. The world will not run on platitudes. Google the word "dialectic" then have a good hard look at yourself.
  25. This is what I am interested in, I am not advocating for anything except what the best solution for everyone might look like. What I do know is that our economies and financial systems have been evolving for about 10k years since the discovery of agriculture, there's certain things we need to sustain life and we have a monetary system whereby we exchange labour/time/products to get the money to buy the things we need to sustain life for ourselves and our loved ones. It's not a perfect system because it's human but it's the one we have. Out of that system the government takes a share redistributes it to where they think its best used to maintain things, provide a welfare safety net for people who can't get money to buy things that sustain life and to provide public services. The thing about money is that it's not a real thing, it's a social construct and it's only worth something if you have a good system where people think your money's worth something, see Zimbabwe* for what happens when people think it's not. If we were to stop all non essential economic activity (food and medicine) for a year the governments revenue will be decimated, governments raise money other than from tax through the issuing of debt, who would buy the debt of a country with no economy*? People will definitely die under that scenario also. We currently have a pandemic and a GFC 2.0 and currently we're staying at home, it's a good idea to slow the spread of the virus because sick people are unproductive anyway but what is the actual plan? I don't think we can hide from it for a year without social unrest the likes of which we have never seen before, change my mind.
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