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  1. shaunliam

    Going to Goodison

    Good stuff Finn, thanks for all the options!
  2. shaunliam

    Going to Goodison

    Thanks for the tips fellas. And yeah Finn good call, gotta keep the wife happy too!
  3. shaunliam

    Going to Goodison

    Update: I ended up getting tickets off StubHub, 1st row Paddock! Got an Air B&B right across the street from Goodison too! Now, any suggestions on places to see, eat, and things to do will be appreciated. Definitely doing a Beatles tour of some sort. Looking to hang out in Liverpool for 3 days or so before heading out to check out other parts of the UK. Thanks everyone!
  4. shaunliam

    Going to Goodison

    Thanks again everyone, I like the idea of reaching out to the club, I'm going to try that. Had 2 for first row Paddock 4 I tried to buy but Stub Hub cancelled my order over night thinking my account was hacked. Probably for the better because the prices and fees were very inflated, and then I saw how much I was going to be charged American, was not thinking about the conversion rates!
  5. shaunliam

    Going to Goodison

    Thanks everyone, I was hoping to wait till member sale to save money and have a better selection than what’s on stubhub now, but I guess it’d be piece of mind to just get them soon. Finn, this is my 5th season now. After the 2014 WC I said I wanted to get into it more, PL was being shown more on tv in the states and I had several buddies that had clubs they rooted for. I researched for a few days and chose Everton, blue is my favorite color, I love toffee, I liked their rich history, and Tim Howard was the keeper at the time. Now i rarely miss a match and have my little kids into it as well. They’re a frustrating club at times but I love it, and as a Philadelphia sports fan I’m used to frustration.
  6. shaunliam

    Going to Goodison

    Hi all, new to the forum and would love some help/insight. I live in the states and my wife just surprised me for my 40th with a trip to England in April to see the Toffees vs. Man U. We are official members so we will have access to purchasing tickets early, but it is Man U, should we get them now on Stub Hub or will we be able to get good seats when the member sale begins? This could be my only trip over there ever so I want a great seat. I've read a bunch of opinions on where to sit but if anyone has a comment on that I'd appreciate it. Stubhub right now has 1st row Paddock I was thinking about, but nothing on Park End which is where I originally wanted to sit. Any help for this Goodison first timer would be greatly appreciated. Go Toffees!
  7. shaunliam

    North Carolina Toffee

    Going into my 5th season as a fairly new Toffee fan, glad to be here! Originally from the Philadelphia area and big Philly sports fan, I now prefer to watch Everton play more than our baseball, hockey, and basketball teams!