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  1. DCL could play every game this season and not score a goal just not good enough
  2. Good signing a player I wanted but the price is incredible
  3. You are a joke people would have more respect for you if you just admit you got it wrong the other muppet seems to at least gone quite
  4. This thread seems to be going quite have the 2 debbie downers finally realized what a good player he is
  5. It's called keeping possession he breaks up so many opposition attacks best player in the team week in week out and if his haters can't see what he brings to the team they are clueless
  6. Are you for real Gana's pass completion rate was 80%
  7. We looked so much better once Walcott went of gueye for me
  8. Anyone got any decent streaming sites mine are shit today
  9. Should settle for 1-0 if we try to score an equaliser we will get hammered lol
  10. What the fuck has Moshiri done wrong apart from apoint the wrong manager and is probably bills job and inject millions of pounds into the club
  11. Get rid of silva we can't fucking defend a set piece against this shit
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