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  1. SISSOKO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. blablabla


    Anyone know if were on TV anywhere???????????????????
  3. blablabla

    Arteta To Leave :s

    I smell more "BULLSHIT" cough cough and you can qute me on that
  4. blablabla

    Rumours Without A Link

    Im the Moron??????????? Im fed up of reading shite......... of people who OBVIOSLY are NOT blues not that i dont agree with there opinion there opinion is obviosly that of someone who is missing a bit upstairs check this out ""Rob why do you support Everton? I support because it's my local club, now my kids local club is Liverpool and working on the mentality I strongly believe in, you should support your local club we will loose masses of future evertonians (dont bother with the, why dont you support Marine argument it's childish!). Kirkby is local to fazak, Huyton, Croxteth, Aintree & Kirkby do you realy think 13/14 year old lads from Speke & Garston are gona travel the length of Liverpool to sit in our retail park stadium when they can travel half the distance & sit in Liverpool's stadium close to town and relativly easy to get to from all over the city???? """" Im not having ago at people for having an opinion im sick of it being repeated OVER N OVER N OVER when ist complete rubbish
  5. blablabla

    David Nugent

    Yea he may have scored but check out his reward HA HA HA http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_2692237,00.html and from his Harrys own mouth http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/b...bctid1155100356 Please dont tell me this involves us though nooooooooo!!!!!
  6. blablabla

    Carling Cup

    And Dyer broke a leg which is also a bonus.............
  7. blablabla

    Rumours Without A Link

    Whats going on are you lot loosing the plot............................lets put ALL this rubish to bed and accept things for how they are....... Im SICK of so called fans slagging BK and DM for missing out on some tosser who obviosly doesnt deserve to be a blue.......and to think they did it on purpose FOR FUCKS SAKE........... listen to your the crap your all talking WHY WHY WHY are we slagging off Yak when he hasnt kicked a ball yet........ I can see you all boo boys giving him the warmest welcome......maybe you can work him in to your strange little conspiracy aswell....... "FANS" who come out with coments that they will no longer support the blues as we have moved 4 miles down the road can all FUCK OFF too.. your obviosly NOT a blue are you............. I like a comment i heard on another thread """" you know what happened to the last lot that didnt move with the times"""" everyone can obviosly have an opinion but im sick of reading this shite.... come up with something new stop posting shit like """"David Moyes will officially resign as Everton chief on Tuesday evening!This comes in the wake of the Manuel Fernandes fiasco! Moyes was livid with the board for letting another catch 'slip through the net' he feels he to was duped into believeing Eveton's new found ambition!. when all along it was an evil ploy to get a 'yes'for Kirkby vote off the gullable supporters"""" FUCKIN TOSSERS CHANGE THE RECORD TO THE ADMIN GUYS dont delete just because of the swearing as i think this should be said.... can blank out the words if ya see fit though do as you will
  8. blablabla

    Kevin Nolan

    no no no
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    A Statement From The Club...

  10. blablabla

    Everton Short Sightedness

    Think there is no doubt that a 50k stadium is cheaper than a 70k stadium................... but why pay if you dont need it
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    I think we will win but i want a clean sheet. Its not doing my fantasy football scores anygood.................
  12. blablabla

    Putting Aside Personal Opinion

    yea i saw it in a dream lol
  13. blablabla


    Im more worried about the naming rights of the ground......... were not exactly demanding high profile sponsership at the moment.......
  14. blablabla

    Everton Short Sightedness

    Im sure Everton and the clever people designing the stadium have already catered for this... The ground will obviosly be designed in a way that allows quick easy and cheap expansion if needed... I think its quite sensible to just stick to maybe 50 - 55 k as I csrnt see where the extra 10k fans will come from now... in the future maybe..... So what anti move group are you in then?????