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  1. Sorry I’ve bitten already. Spurs for instance had Kane out all season and Son also for the most part now they’re both back and fighting fit while we have lost our centre back pairing due to a muscle injury almost certainly caused by the break. I still can’t believe that they haven’t announced where this game is going to be played yet. The whole thing is a shambles being totally glossed over by the media who announce it as the greatest thing for the country and if they keep repeating it, they’re hoping that the majority will believe it. It’s like the Emporers New Clothes 🙄🤦‍♂️
  2. It’s been strange and definitely a leveller. These statistics prove even more that restarting the season under new rules / conditions harms the integrity of the competition. Anyway enough from me banging on about it.
  3. Tv programmes that either start by giving highlights of the programme I’m about to watch. End with key scenes from the next programme in the series thereby ruining that particular episodes intrigue. Before adverts play a bit of what will be on after adverts and after adverts recap what I’ve already seen, implying I don’t have sufficient memory to recall events from 3 minutes ago and waste more of my time. Thank goodness for Sky+ but it does grind my gears.
  4. A few media outlets suggesting that it’s looking more likely to be rightly at Goodison. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jun/02/everton-hopeful-about-staging-liverpool-derby-at-goodison-park
  5. We are only 10 points above relegation. Stranger things have happened. We’ve already lost out in the fact we’ve played all but one of the alleged top 6 away so we need to get every advantage we can. I’m not happy at all with it starting under modified conditions but a neutral venue as a home game when the rest of the league get a different rule is down right wrong. If there was nothing to play for then fine but we are looking both up and down. Every point is we get from here on in is likely to prove vital one way or another.
  6. A neutral venue would be the last straw for me. I really fancied our chances to get something from derby under lights in a rocking GP after they’d been knocked out of Europe and were on their worst run of form with a couple of injuries. Now it’s looking likely we’ll play them in another stadium with no fans with maybe 5 subs. How can that be seen in anyway as keeping the integrity of the competition? Especially if other teams don’t have to play in a neutral venue. I appreciate this is unprecedented times but let’s not get fooled that this decision is for ‘public morale’ but is only driven by money and fuelled by the media’s spin. I love football, I miss football but it can’t be right to restart under these conditions.
  7. I thought they have to be registered with the Prem league so he won’t of been included. The rule books are getting ripped up so who knows. As much as I really miss the football I feel very strongly that the Competition will be compromised with closed doors, possible neutral venues, 5 subs etc.
  8. I also looked but it seems all Adidas deals are undisclosed. At least we won’t get an off the hanger product.
  9. We should aspire to get the most we can but to double our existing deal has to be seen as good business. I know we all love the club but we haven’t won anything since 95, aren’t in Europe and not competing yet right at the top. I’d look to see that we are getting market value or better as before I think we were away off. I’d be interested in seeing what Leicester get.
  10. Agreed - good work https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1671087/everton-agrees-club-record-kit-deal-with-hummel
  11. I saw the announcement online and heard about it on SSN, but as a season ticket holder I’ve not had the email yet. Always the trailblazers in setting the standard for all other Premier League teams to try and follow. Not just the People’s Club in name.
  12. Tony Bellew is representing Everton this time round in the second EFL cup. Not sure I fancy us getting far but it’ll be worth a watch as he hates losing.
  13. I think a Cannabis leaf incorporated logo and the strap line ‘ For the higher good’ won’t be a good look. .....and then for the jokes if we do well about getting high, resigning Stones, making a hash of it or our players being out of puff.
  14. I’m just disappointed in him! Sorry last post was meant to be a text 😂 That was dangerous!
  15. Do you play much fifa or COD warzone?
  16. I think it was a combination of the both. I don’t think Gomes will win it as there wasn’t a great deal of variation in his play and a couple of miss placed passes but he’s no mug. Reece James on the other hand was all over the place. I confident to judge him on one game as being distinctly average (I’d put him it about a league 8 FUT and that might be generous). A win today will likely setup a Merseyside derby semi final.
  17. If anyone feels the need to watch it back or Covid isolation is getting to them and they just need to pretend for a short while that it’s just a regular Saturday afternoon (obviously it’ll be clear very quickly when when DCL takes his chances and no goals are conceded that this isn’t the real Everton! ..... although Pickford in the 2nd half was a till up to his normal tricks 😂) https://www.premierleague.com/news/1659256
  18. I’d of turned my Xbox off by now if I was James. First Everton match I’m actually relaxed watching! 😂
  19. https://www.premierleague.com/epl-invitational Gomes representing Everton today. Can be watched on all sorts of media platforms.
  20. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/grealish-transfer-everton-aston-villa-18066293 Very unlikely in my opinion.
  21. June 6th - Villa home behind closed doors. (No logic to that!)
  22. We could try to predict the date of our next game, add who the opposition will be and whether it will be held behind closed doors.
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