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  1. BREAKING NEWS Everton midfielder Mo Besic has joined Middlesbrough on loan until the end of the season. good luck to the lad. Always thought highly of him. Hope he dose well there.
  2. Exactly we played like we was winning this game no matter what! We didn't play bad and we didn't play great but you could tell we played to win! We played with purpose grit and determination to get a result. And that's what I seen, A Everton team with a desire to win! I haven't seen that from us for a long time a desire to win. Fuck all this if we played a better team blah blah shit! Any team tonight we would have give a game. There was fire in our belly's and we got a result. We need to keep that up now for the rest of the season, Where not as bad as some people make out.
  3. Yea I get where your coming from but if you look at it from the way we played then we could have been 4-0 up with better finishing. And to say that with the way we have been playing recently then we was getting beat or best a draw! So its a good game for us and a much needed win against a Leicester City who have been doing very well the last few months under Puel. Them playing bad or did we play good?
  4. Walcott! But fuck me Seamus was brilliant! He made the rest of the team play better! Mans a machine.
  5. How didn't we deserve them 3 points? If it weren't for Niasse ballooning that open goal we would have been 3 - 0 up! And if he has a better touch for the one on one we would be 4 -0. Not to take anything away from Niasse because I thought he was brilliant all match doing what he dose bar score. I think the 3 points was ours all day.
  6. Got to say how much have we missed Coleman he was brilliant tonight! And Wallcott what a game from him! Our right side looks very good with them 2 there! First half was the best first half I've seen for a long time. We closed down everything an tried to win every ball. We had fight and some sort of structure to the team they looked like they knew what they was doing was nice to see! Happy with result thought we would have been beat here. 2nd half we was still in control of the game if it weren't for Rooney's head falling off we would have won it comfortably.
  7. This exactly! We should have had 3 points out of these 2 games but now we will probably have none. Why change a solid defence! Its the midfield and players up top we should be rotating to try find some sort of attack! Shit house tactics and trying to be too clever resting defenders has back fired big time!
  8. Fat Sam don't sound to bad now dose it? We should have took him till the end of the season to steady the ship like I've said before. It makes me sick even thinking about needing Sam Allardyce to manage Everton. Fact is though we are in a really bad way and if people think getting a Silva or some other fancy name in now to play some nice looking football is going to help us its not happening! We just haven't got the players to play nice football to get us out of it! Basics that's what we need until the end of the season. We can look for someone more adventurous in the summer an rebuild this shi
  9. He would help a lot! No matter how bad his touch is he scored goals we had a threat! We now have no threat teams just out play us for fun knowing we haven't got a goal scorer! Don't care how shit you say he was haf or how bad his overall game play was or he didn't bleed blue! He was always a threat and scored goals! That gave us a massive advantage all over the pitch. If we still had him now we would probably still be in Europe and not where we are now in the league. Not much has changed in terms of players still playing for the club from last season. We added to the squad what we already had
  10. www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/everton/11127855/silva-can-get-even-better Might not be the best player we have seen but such a nice man. Love his attitude.
  11. We need a manager to come in and be steady at both things, i.e. Attack and defend. Nothing fancy just get back to basics and stop losing games never mind win games. It's not crisis time it's steady the ship time and build from there. We could get a Silva or another nice playing manger and end up in a relegation battle if we don't sort out the basics first. I'm all for good attacking football but at the minute its not what we need. Forget ambition save that for next season.
  12. And that's the Sunderland riddled with ex everton players! We are in big trouble no doubt. Fat sam doesn't sound a bad shout right now to be honest.
  13. He's playing along side a finished Jags and a finished williams! Feel sorry for the lad.
  14. He hasn't humiliated him. He simply didn't see him as a player he wanted from the start. He's loaned him out an tried to sell him from the get go but hasn't been able to offload him. Where now without Lukaku so where a massive striker down so he might give him a game this season because we didn't get another striker in simple as that!
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