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  1. https://twitter.com/gillypea1978/status/963351598645891072
  2. He's poison like Kevin. Needs going. Cenk , feel for him.
  3. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/09/sam-allardyce-everton-mental-resilience-steve-walsh?__twitter_impression=true http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5374059/amp/Steve-Walsh-faces-sack-Evertons-director-football.html?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Cynically, I think he wants the sack and the big pay out. Pretty sure he's still pissed that we offered him low terms the 1st rime around, went for other targets and only accepted his high terms on the basis that No one was available . He's not doing anything well and the public call outs of the players is far worse than anything RK did.
  5. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/angry-sam-allardyce-dismisses-ademola-14243380.amp?__twitter_impression=true This is worrying. “I've got Yannick Bolasie who cost thirty million quid and Theo Walcott who cost twenty million quid and both have a lot more experience than Lookman, so no." Admitting he's playing players on price tag over ability here imo. I couldn't give a flying fuck if we spunked £30/40/50m on a player (which we have done several times of late), if theyre not good enough, you dont play them. Simple. too much players nowhere near good enough for the price we paid for them. Our kids are much better than most of the senior players and they cost nothing almost.
  6. He's been utter poison since he spat his dummy out after acting a prick and being sent from training. How he still gets picked amazes me. Not played well in 12 months anyway.
  7. Believe it or not Nogs, I'm 99% sure Moshiri didn't expect this considering the amount of investment he's made. I'm led to believe Walsh was given the highest accolades by an agent, who was given to greenlight to head hunt him for the 'project'. Alot of people backed the appointment. Problem is, I don't think Moshiri realised how much of a fuck up SW would be . The one thing that can be put on Moshiri is that he hired him in an unfamiliar role. Which is suicide at this level
  8. Which sane minded person would touch us (manager)?
  9. Pretty sure the players have given up on Sam as well. Glad his appointment has Walsh's name to it, should be the nail in his coffin. I will (unfairly some may say) blame him for the current mess we're in. Strategic void player appointments. No plan. Awful manager. Too many changes. Too many players earning and doing nothing. All of it can fuck off.
  10. He should just walk. Absolute pointless him even being here.
  11. We're in for a shitty and bumpy road. I've got genuine fear. Teams who looked dead and buried now look very good.
  12. Bargain. He's gone. Well done Sam. Getting rid of the 'foreigners. Tit.
  13. Pick players that everyone is well aware of and pays stupid money for them.
  14. Do you like your 'watersports' then Mark? hehehehehe
  15. Pretty sure we've finally realised the job is too big for him and generally, his buys and lack of caution of spending stupid money on bang average players was reckless. Yes I do blame Walsh in equal measure to Koeman. Brands looks like he knows what he's doing at that level.
  17. Can't see it. Really didn't want him before but I've seen us play this year, id take him.
  18. Be a great buy imo. Not many top drawer LB available and due to circumstances, he's a viable and realistic option.
  19. Williams replaced by Marc-Oliver Kempf (out of contract this year)
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