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  1. 3 goals conceeded through set pieces and not clearing our lines. We showed a lot of heart to get back into the game after being 2-0 down but as soon as Heitinga went off we were always going to struggle. It also seemed that when we got back to 2-2 we took our foot off the pedal (which doesnt suprise me) and that mental attitude has to change but who knows, if Gosling had just squared it we could have been celebrating a well earned victory. Oh well, Spurs on Tuesday with Heitinga most probably out and it wouldnt suprise me if Cahill doesnt make it. IMO just play the reserves and U18's. The organisers of the competition dont want to show us any respect so as far as I am concerned f**k the League cup, save our senior plays and get prepared for another pasting. On a more positive note, I was very impressed with Lucas Neill at RB today, his distribution was real quality!
  2. I actually think Felli plays well when playing off the striker and is shocking when playing in the midfield like he has been recently. Cahill has played there and he even did for a bit against Benfica but showed nothing. Felli needs the confidence so stick him up top and let Cahill sit in the middle with Rodwell. I would say play 4-4-2 but for so long we have had such poor balance in the midfield that it doesnt really work and IMO when used correctly a 4-5-1 can be just as if not more attacking. Our biggest problem normally is that we dont retain the ball at the top end of the pitch so no matter how or who we play that has got to be priority number one for me!
  3. While I despise the man and sure as hell dont agree with his views, he has in a way been useful as he has made the major political parties think seriously about immigration. For too many years the current Labour govt have been sweeping it under the carpet, giving us crap about figures and the measures that they are supposedly have taken. I imagine that right now it is one of the major concerns for the majority of the British public and it somehow needs to be reigned in. The recent statistics have shown the huge and very rapid increase in the population of which the public sector have been completely unable to cope with. As far as I see it you either dramatically improve the NHS, housing, policing, infrastructure etc which costs billions and billions or you cut the amount of people entering the country, even if it is for a certain period of time until we can properly cope. On a sidenote, of the 3 major parties consistently represented on Question Time the Lib Dems are always the ones that seem to have the better policies, ideas and less bull... Its a shame that they wont get into power!
  4. I dont really fancy this one and I dont really expect too many if any of our injuries to be fit. If I were moyes id drop Cahill if its possible. His performances have been terrible at best recently and as Marcopaulo says he needs a kick up the arse! Id try and make sure Fellaini plays up top with Saha or Jo. He plays his best football there and seeing as we like to play hoof ball atm it may be worthwile to have such a good strong aeriel presence up top especially with it being Boltons strong point. If Pienaar is back maybe slot him in the middle and put Billy (if fit) on one wing with Baxter on the other. Then again as I said before Bolton are good in the air and strong so maybe Cahill in the middle (alongside Rodwell) will let us compete more. Im not sure I can really predict who will play at the back as I have no clue who is fit but I would imagine we will see Neill, if not sunday then definately Tuesday...
  5. I think I also read somewhere that they changed their training methods at the start of the season to some new American style sessions. I dont really know of its merits but it was meant to be more enjoyable and reduce the risk of injuries... It doesnt seem to be working!
  6. Yeh I totally agree with the first bit. The whole passing and movement was pretty much non existant. The only passes we did make were backwards ones which ended up in a hoof up the pitch to 2 forwards who arent the greatest in the air! I kind of feel a bit for the CB's though because the Fb's were so easily and consistently ripped apart. The midfield 2 didnt drop back and help the much so it meant a lot of the time they were at the best 2 on 2 and sometimes 4 on 2 of which when combined with quality movement (which there was) is always going to be dificult for the CBs to manage.
  7. I vote Howard... He picked the ball out of his net with great precision and technique
  8. All credit to Benfica for playing some quality and entertaining football but they were a good team made to look like world beaters by us tonight! I am thoroughly pissed off with the performance this evening especially the second half... Everything the management go on about such as determination, passion and pride seemed to go out the window against Benfica. Iv never seen a professional football team move so little without the ball, especially in the midfield. There are the few exceptions as always but too many times the ball got to the midfield then they passed it backwards (seems to be a growing trend this year!) and then sit there with a opposition player between the them and the ball meaning the defence have to hoof it clear. Fellaini was a massive culprit of this. He just didnt look like he wanted to move, in fact he probably hasnt left the pitch yet! Im a big fan of his but after tonight abject performance there is no way anyone could stick up for him. He isnt a natural midfield player and shouldnt be relied upon to sit in the middle of the pitch as it completely negates his strengths which is off the shoulder of the main striker. Plus I also think its about time he shaved off his afro, I dont mean to get personal but he really does look like a twat! Unfortunately he wasnt the only crap player with Cahill being virtually unheard, which is very dissapointing especially as captain! The fullback were obviously way outclassed and Di Maria actually showed how slow Gosling is which could be a big problem in the top flight. The strikers were also poor but I do have some sympathy for them having such terrible service from midfield. Jo looked the livelier of the lot but he just wasnt in the game enough. On a slightly brighter note (if there is one!) I thought Rodwell did a decent enough job tonight, for someone so young and for me he showed the most heart of all of them out there tonight. He is without doubt the best passer at the club atm (alongside ateta when fit) but he does look a bit jaded and needs a rest. I also thought Distin did a good job with what he had around him tonight. There were a few times when he had to mark two attackers and with the exception of the poor marking for their corner I thought he did alright. Next up is Bolton and after reading Moyes' comments it sounds like none of the absentees tonight will be back for the weekend with the addition of Billy looking like he might be out. The future looks bleak and unless we can start finding a balance in the centre of the park then we are really going to struggle! Rant over
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