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  1. I’m sure that when villa went down, he was talking up a transfer and also was out on the piss a lot. However I can’t be arsed to actually check if this was the case. Also Of course he may of changed.
  2. Jesus Corona is 33 years old and often looks short of puff. Better of investing the money in Joseph Zika or Moses Ebola.
  3. Good player playing for boyhood club, but isn’t he also a twat? Would cost a fortune and Don’t trust him. Avoid.
  4. For all the talk of saying that we should flog him the far bigger risk would be that he says he wants to go, or a bigger team come in with a bid and try it unsettles him.
  5. He’s arguably been our best player the last three seasons and we would have been right in the shit without him. Yes he makes his share of errors but he makes many more incredible saves. If - somehow - we really could get Donnarumma for not not much that would be amazing, but he would still have to settle into a new culture and country right and perform right out the gate to dislodge Pickford.
  6. He needs to be sold for 15-20 million if we can get it. It’s a shame as he looked good at Burnley and knowing our luck I bet he’ll start to play solidly at a new club. Since he’s been here he’s never managed to a consistent run except at the end of last season. He’s too slow, gets caught on the turn and made to many errors here. Jags was the same when he arrived but he pushed on after 18 months. Keane never has and he never will, sell while there are takers and time on contract get someone else in - we should have taken the likes of Maguire or Evans while we had the chance.
  7. My rule of thumb for borderline decisions is to consider how I’d feel if the decision had been given against us. I’d have been fucking mad if that goal had been scored against us and been allowed to stand.
  8. Carlo been sent of for ragging the ref! Ref is a thin skinned tit.
  9. What the fuck's happening can see we've a goal but stream frozen!
  10. What the hell was Sidibe booked for?
  11. At least giving it a go this half. Siggy has sharpened up his act too.
  12. Only caught last 20 minutes of the half. Whatever system we are playing it is no use at all and most of the players don’t look arsed. Gomes looks like the only player with the heart and skills to get us out of this. They need a rocket up their arses for the second half.
  13. Right, hang on yeah, so what would it mean if Barry from Eastenders and Andre were at it and Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA had hidden himself in the dead space in the ceiling and was watching through a hole he’d drilled, while meanwhile Trevor MacDonald was watching the whole thing through the window (nothing kinky he just happened to be passing and is quite shocked about the whole thing actually)? Anyway - so good to have Andre back.
  14. Must have been a hay clarse bar. Are you sure it wasn't Stan Boardman and Elton John?
  15. Roger that. How would you rate Ian 'Beefy' Botham and Gomes at it with Robin GIbb watching from inside a wardrobe?
  16. Interesting ... what level would it be if he got wanked off by Peter Ebdon and the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen was watching?
  17. He's not a right back. The only place he can play is on the right side of midfield. Backing up the right back, and most importantly just keep whipping in those nasty crosses.
  18. Every time I see Gomes my heterosexuality erodes a little further. So good to see him back today.
  19. DCL has been brilliant since Carlo has been at the club and improved loads, but he just doesn't seem to have a strikers instinct for finishing in the box. A couple of his chances today - players like Aguero would have just pounce and buried before anyone else even started to think. Not sure that that is something that can be trained upon, though the Man Utd coaches did it with Ronaldo - I remember reading that in training they just kept passing the ball into him and a number was called as the ball came to him - the goal was split into 9 boxes like a phone key pad - and he had to finish the ball into that part of the goal. The point is we need to get some kind of specialist coach in to try and get him more predatory - it's what he needs to go to the next level. Weird result today. Didn't feel like a loss, on another day we'd have won that. Disappointing that it came down to a brain fart in defence and a couple of point blank saves from their keeper.
  20. The only way you can assess attitudes is by assessing behaviour, and over a long period of time. It’s fair to assume now that Morgan’s issue is one of attitude.
  21. Good performance - hope there more of them before now and the end of the season, and then someone will take him off our hands. Ability not in doubt but attitude stinks.
  22. Huh... you can prove anything with facts.
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