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  1. benitez. hurts like fuck to say it but...
  2. Out of patience with Marco now. Get rid, fuck Mourinho he’s a busted flush, clearly had a breakdown some time ago. I say bring in *sigh* Benitez... there I said it.
  3. Nice goal, but surely going to get booked too for getting his chebs out no?
  4. Performance Summary: Worse than dogwank.
  5. Quite a lot of the VIlla players seem to be infected with Bovine CJD the amount of time they spend rolling round on the floor.
  6. Kean an Iwobi just need to fucking beast into everything, fuck it.
  7. Last 90 second of play from us stinks of pure shit. Embarrasing. Everything our players touch turns to cock.
  8. Marco need to hairdryer them at half time. Dogshit.
  9. Gbamin reminds me of Fellaini in the way he plays. No bad thing at all.
  10. At first I wasn’t happy about this but the more I think, I think it could end a shrewd signing. I do think that 40 million is too much dough though... What is most pleasing is that we seem to have a coherent plan. We don’t get Zaha we go for the next next player on the list that fits the type, or that’s how it seems. It’s nice to think that we have a plan to sign players that fit a system instead of the usual scattershot pissing money up a wall bollocks that has characterised the money spending of the last 5 years.
  11. Palace want not a penny less less than £100 million, apparently. But what can you expect from a team called Crystal Palace?
  12. He’s a good player but Palace don’t want or need to sell, so we’d have to pay ridiculous money, plus Zaha isn’t agitating for a move from a club where he is the kingpin and is obviously comfortable. If we was to move he could go to a number of clubs with European football (like spurs), would also be in for him the only reason for him to come here would be money. All of that adds up to risk, so we shouldn’t touch with a barge pole. He’d come for mega £££ never justify his fee and then go back to Palace 1 or 2 years later for a fraction of the cost.
  13. About 6 years ago there was a really good account called ITK 4th Official, but then loads of other phony 4th Official accounts cropped up around it so I stopped paying attention to any of them. So fuck knows if this one is reliable or not.
  14. He looks incredible, but if he's available, surely there'll be loads of CL clubs in for him and could we really afford the ridic fee he'd go for.? Stranger things have happened, and here's hoping...
  15. I ilke Mitrovic and have always felt that there is a player in there. Hasn't unlocked it yet at Toon or Fulham, so problem is that we can't afford yet another passenger up front next year, so its a pass from me.
  16. Bukta or Spalding kit please. And Hi-tec Silver Shadow official trainers please.
  17. Fuuuuuuuuck, totally forgot this was on this evening, fucking furious!
  18. Totally. Remember what a disaster on legs Jags was when he arrived? First season and a bit he was terrible. Hopeful Keane can go and go what he’s done.
  19. This thread is funny. Gana was everywhere yesterday - he won back the ball 14 times! That’s 14 potential threats removed. He had more touches than any other player 103, so must have shown all over the pitch for the ball in a tight game. That’s just the stats, with my own eyes I saw him belting all over the place doing just the above. His shooting is bollocks though, fair enough. And Palace aren’t a bad team, they are well organised and have given plenty of teams better than us a black eye. That they didn’t yesterday is much down to Gana. Well we'll see next season won’t we when he goes to PSG, who can basically buy whoever they want, how good he is when we have to replace him. He hasn’t been disloyal, we’ve had 3 years of his prime when regardless of his performance he’s always been 100% committed to the club on the pitch (how many other players - especially midfielders - can say that in the past 3 years), we paid 7 million for him and we’ll get at least 20-25 for him. Gana has been a bargain and will make us millions when we sell him, and he’s been one of our biggest hearted and consistent players in pretty much the worst period to be a Toffee that I can remember; Worse than Walker, HK3 and Walter Smith. You don’t have to think that Gana is the best player ever, but some of the slatings he gets on here from some? You must be madder than a bottle of crisps.
  20. That was a great tackle to keep Charli out.
  21. Gana has been amazing so far. Wish we'd stop fannying around with all these cute flicks and heels and try and keep it simple.
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