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Romey 1878

Paddy Boyle

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I wouldnt worry too much Davey looks like he's learning and growing as a manager.


He has tied up his transfares early, he has begun to adjust his system to suit the opponant rather than sticking with one & now he is farming out a few of the kids on loan.


Isnt this what we have all been saying he should be doing for the past couple of years? If boyle goes out and looks good he will be brought back and start seeing some first team action if not we gave him the opportunity to show us what he could do and he wasnt up to the challenge!

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We've got Naysmith ( in good form for once ) Nuno Valente and Pistone all ahead of Boyle in the pecking order at left back so he's not gonna get a look in this year .


Cant see the harm in letting him go to Norwich on loan to gain some valuable experiance , we did exactly the same with Ossie and it worked wonders with him .

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