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William Hill Odds.

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Interesting odds from William Hill. Seems to be generally accepted at the mo that we, along with Spurs are the most likely to break up the "big" four. Encouraging that it's not just Evertonians getting carried away :D .


William Hill have opened a book on who will be top of the Premiership on Sunday night - and make United 1/3 favourites still to be there, with Everton 9/2 to have taken over the lead; Portsmouth 13/2 and Chelsea 16/1.


Chelsea are 4/7 favourites to win the Premiership with William Hill who make Man U 15/8 with Liverpool 14/1; Arsenal 18/1; Everton 66/1; Portsmouth 125/1; Spurs 150/1.

WITHOUT BIG FOUR....Everton and Spurs are 11/4 joint favourites in Hill's 'Without The Big 4' market.

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I just hope we can stop this whole '' only playing well for half a season lark '' and genuinly push on although it may be a bit early for the team to break into the top for again and on a regular basis .


Guess its always nice to hear people saying good things about your club but i'am more for the underdog mentality , i don't want teams to see us coming . :)

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i don't want teams to see us coming . 



Think it may be a bit late for that after our last two performances people are sitting up and taking notice.


Agree with what you saying about our half a season form


Wigan today will be a good yard stick, they will be prepered for us, as they will be for any BIg game, say, agains manure cheslsea, tottingaham, but its how we now deal with them, or even if we turn up. I will be very disappointed if the wigan game is a drab affair, as we will have reverted back to our sterotype


We'll see, im taking each game as they come for the time being, but as we all know, the bookmakers rarely get it wrong

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