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Everton Fined 10k

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Liverpool have been fined £14,000 and Everton £10,000 following a mass confrontation involving both sides in a reserve match last October.The clubs admitted charges of failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion and were warned as to their future conduct by an FA disciplinary commission.


Those charges incurred fines of £10,000 each while Liverpool were hit with an additional £4,000 punishment on a separate charge of failing to ensure players refrained from using violent and/or threatening behaviour.


The incident occurred after Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek was sent off for his reaction to a tackle by Victor Anichebe.


Another charge of improper conduct against Dudek, brought for not leaving the field promptly, was found not proven.


I've seen the incident on EvertonTV and it should not have been a fine of £24,000. Anichebe was a rough going in for a 50/50 with Dudek, Dudek punched out at Vic and then everyone started shoving eachother. No one was seriously hurt.


If the FA are going to interfere the money should be given to a more needing source, seeing as both clubs are in the same area the money should have perhaps been given to a local football scheme or charity.


If someone walked up to you and broke your leg with a golf club, you wouldn't get 24k of compensation and that is much worse than what went on at the reserve match.

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It'll be interesting to see if QPR receive a fine for bust up with Chinese Olympic team today. The match was held behind closed doors.


anyone got a vid of this? i heard it was crazy violent!

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A Beeb verz wif Inglunder speak.




Triads making death threats now :axehead:

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