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Phil Neville was involved in an angry confrontation with one of his own fans after an

Everton supporter threw a cider bottle on to the pitch at Bramall Lane.


The England full-back threw the bottle back towards the crowd,splashing spectators

with the contents, after making a "you’re mad" gesture at the spectator responsible.


Earlier, stewards had to separate fans after some Everton supporters broke through into

in a home section of the crowd.


An Everton fan was grabbed by a steward and ejected from the ground by police after the

bottle-throwing incident, which occurred when David Moyes’ side were awarded a penalty

midway through the second half.







Retard or the Plural if sadly applicable.

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Agree entirely Pat.


We are quick enough to criticise the players/manager/board or else refs/other teams when suits us - as of course is natural given what footy and Everton means to us all.


However, lets keep in mind that supporters are the most important aspect of any football club - we play a massive part in how others perceive Everton.


Get behind the team big time, let the ref know verbally if he gives a bad decision. But lets spread the GOOD name of our beloved club.

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According to the daily mail the police are looking into the bottle throwing incident.. it was worded in a way that cited Neville could be the one being punished.

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Fookin Nobs


I also head the embarrassing arseholes singing "The babies not your again" Big Club with Small minded supporters


What a great away support we have



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