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First let me say this is my first post on this forum...and I am a Spurs fan.


My girlfriends little lad has just started showing interest in Footy..her ex wasn't into it at all.


We've been kicking a ball about and he likes it when the footy comes on the tele..


This morning at breakfast we were trawling through some football stickers I'd got him when his sister announced he had chosen his team.


With bated breath I hoped it was Spurs,I didn't want to push him..as long as it wasn't the gooners.


He pointed to an everton sticker..now his favourite colour is red so i was a bit surprised.....but after much persuading and cajoling he announced Everton were his team...


How long it will last who knows ..he's only 3..but I give my word I won't try and sway him away from his own choice....lol.

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Thanks for the welcome guys...


I'm not Conor by the way,the little fella is..I thought it appropriate to register him in his own name.


This isn't just a suck up..I have no problem him following Everton..if he sticks with it...I often tell people I quite admire Everton,David Moyes and all..


You havn't had the money of some clubs.but,despite one dodgy year during your Champs league campaign have been consistent..I wish Spurs had been.


Also you seem to have a good team ethos...looking in...not many egos on show..and Ive like Tim Cahill since he was at Millwall...


Whenever I've been at the Lane v Everton ..always had some good banter with a lot of your fans..


So no worries with him following your great club....just thank god it wasn't Arsenal..especially with his red thing....was sweating for a bit..

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Chose his football team by us of stickers!!


Late 1960's living in Norfolk, I liked the look of a FKS(brand) sticker....Blue shirt and white boots,

red hair.....Alan Ball was the man......Everton the team!



The rest is history!....Heartache, pain, Latchford!, Glory, more pain, red brother!!!!, dissapointments, the 80's, more Heartache........David Moyes!



Was it all worth it?.........Bloody right it was.


Though maybe if I'd picked out George Best's sticker...........NAH!


The lad chose well........will he stick with us?......probably not, you'll be buying him a Spurs shirt next christmas :angry: .......good luck to both of you!

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I am a Spurs fan..have been 30 years...and if he was my boy by birth I may have tried to influence him more..don't get me wrong he's been exposed to my team..but it's his choice..if he sticks with it..and keeps up with Everton then I'll happily buy him a blue shirt .....


good luck to you

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