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Goalkeepers (4)


1 Nash

12 Turner

24 Howard

30 Ruddy


Defenders (10)


2 Hibbert

3 Baines

4 Yobo

5 Lescott

6 Jagielka

15 Jacobsen

18 Neville

19 Valente

26 Rodwell

34 Irving


Midfielders (9)


7 Van der Meyde

8 Castillo

10 Arteta

16 Fellaini

17 Cahill

20 Pienaar

21 Osman

32 Gosling

36 Kissock


Attackers (8)


9 Saha

14 Vaughan

22 Yakubu

27 Jutkiewicz

28 Anichebe

35 Agard

37 Baxter

38 Wallace


Squad size: 31 players

Academy graduates: 10 players

Internationally capped: 15 players

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:lol: The voice of reason!!


On a more serious note, the squad is ok, but the midfield is still very fragile. Especially considering the fitness records of Cahill, Arteta and Pienaar.


pienaar's fitness reocrd aint bad...this is the first that I can recall that has kept him out for any serious amount of time. Cahill - he needs iron boots to stop him from breaking that foot again.


Arteta should be okay now after the op...he's not quite fit though (thats apparent). Vaughan is also not fully fit yet (also apparent).

I think the midfield will be okay with Castillo and fallieni available. (Rodwell has played well too).


Defence has been a joke.

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Number 25? I wonder why he didn't take number 16 (I copied and pasted from wikipedia.. I know.. I know..). Liverpool Reserves have a squad size of 28... its rather depressing. Our u18s and first team seem to overlap to make the reserves squad.

yeah true.. i would have thought he would take the #11 jersey

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Defence has been terrible so far this season, what gives? Contentment?? Lack of confidence???

Or the fact Jags is out of position - is Jags a better CB than Lescott? It is starting to look that way.

I think that Jags and Yobo work better together in the centre of defense. Also having three centre backs (well J.Lo is debateable!) at the back is also a big point why the defense has previously been so solid. J.Lo now has to swallow his pride and move to his better position, not his prefered position.

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