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Am I Going Mental?

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Capello has left out jagielka again from the england squad yet michael mancienne is in?! what planet is this? hes saying he wants to try people out in the friendlies so why include people like lescott and upson who seem to be there all the time but not always play? its bollocks. he said he was going to pick on form this year and ok this mancienne might be doing ok where he is on loan but hes never played for chelsea? jagielka been our play of the season so far. It's madness


England squad to play Germany: Carson, Hart, James, Bridge, Davies, Johnson, Terry, Lescott, Mancienne, Richards, Upson, Barry, Carrick, Downing, Lampard, Gerrard, Wright-Phillips, A Young, Agbonlahor, Bent, Crouch, Defoe, Walcott.

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There's the argument that it's easier to get into the squad than out of it....that explains Joleon's inclusion maybe.

I've not seen Mancienne at all so can't comment but it seems a bit odd when he's never even played at the top level domestically (does happen sometimes...Steve Bull for eg and further back Keith Newton before he joined Everton....but they got in by performing consistantly for years).


Capello has plainly not seen Everton at all this year or surely Jags would be ahead of Lescott, particularly, like you say, as he's supposedly trying people out in friendlies.


So in answer to your question....probably not, unless we all are :unsure: .

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