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Where Has All Our Money Gone?


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I think its quite obvious that any spare money we do have has gone on paying off debts or towards a possible ground move.....


simple as...... We carnt have eveything.......


I do believe though that making a "reasonable" amount of money available for first team transfers should be our TOP priority... whatever my feelings on the ground move may be...

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I just don't understand when we are gettin so much through revenue Tv money etc and also getting 16 mil in for two players in the last year where all our money has gone because it hasn't gone on transfers.


When you say "etc" what are you refering to?

We are not a club with lots of money in reserves or a wealthy (in footballing terms) chairman so any money in goes to paying debts. Plus have you looked around the world, where has Woolworths money gone, where has Halifax (HBOS) money gone...? Will West Ham still be a football club 6 months down the line...

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i think you will find that any money comeing in has been spent on transfers and players wages fellaini cost 15mil we need a striker come jan if we are lucky we will get one for say 10 mil though thats me being optomistic..



We've only paid between £3million and £4million for Fellaini right now, so that doesn't hold up.

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