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Curious About Player Wages?


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Hi guys, im from Australia. A mad everton supporter. A great win the other night. Hoping for top 4 this year, think Villa might drop off towards the end of the season.


Im just wondering though. Always have? How much the everton players are on in terms of wages? Considering its well publicized they don't have much money?


Curious to see what the likes of Howard, Yakubu, Saha, Cahill, Arteta are on. Pretty much every player.


Thanks everyone!

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Guest efctaxi
Players refuse terms with clubs because 50k is not enough....... they have to be off there heads. the likes of ronaldo on 130k a week, stupid money for kicking a ball around.


Some folks have to work 10 years to earn 130k :angry:

Don't forget to tip your taxi drivers over Christmas :P

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