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Trond Olsen

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What currency are they operating on that has 10 million to the £ to bring this lad within our price range?


If it's Zimbabwean Dollars I'll buy him out of my lads pocket money this week :P .


Currently ZWD12,014,165 to the £.


But that was when I started typing this...it'll be more by now :) .

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Its a fee of around £300.000 to £400.000 in our money that we have bid supposedly but they are apparently holding out for £1mil which is £10mil in their currency. Sampdoria made a bid for the lad last year or at the start of this season cant remember which but they got knocked back with a bid of around £300.000 i believe.

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I've never heard anything about Sampdoria making a bid for Olsen, and I follow his club pretty close.


In the local paper today he confirms that what was written in the article posted here today is true :




"And much of the votes" really means "and much of it is true"


Nice hair by the way :)


A youtube link in shitty quality : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7zQIE6P9D0


He scored a hat trick in the last league game of the season :




Scroll down and click the "se video" button.




Trond Olsen is a pacey left wing with a very powerful left foot. He is also good at timing his runs. However he is the kind of player that seems to be dependent on playing in a certain system. He is perfect for our 4-3-3 formation, but I doubt he would work that well as a wing in a 4-4-2.


Any questions and I'd be happy to help.


Cheers from Norway

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Blue Norwegian here!


I had different feelings when I saw we're linked with Trond Olsen.

He's not the kind of player we need right now (a striker), but he's a quality player indeed.

If he's good enough for the Premiership, I don't know. We've all seen Kristoffer Hæstad fail miserably at Wigan, and he was supposedly good enough.

But Moyes does have a way of bringing up players and maxing their potential,

so in the long run, I think Olsen would be a great add.

The Norwegian league is not very expensive buying from either. It would suit even Kenwright ;)

He's very quick on foot, technical, and scores a bunch of goals.

But that is in the Norwegian league. I've seen him play for Bodø/Glimt this year, and I've been impressed by what I've seen. I would definately have him play in a Blue shirt!

By all means, I'm not talking South American technical qualities. He is a Norwegian after all.

And us Norwegians are not exactly known to be the most agile and technical players.

We all seen Tore André Flo. But Trond Olsen is kinda the opposite to the "true Norwegian" in his playstyle. Olsen has also made it to the national team in the recent games. Good and cheap add :)

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My understanding is he is not a Norway international, is that right?


Our national team don't even have a coach right now, so who knows who is in the team and who is not.

As far as I remember, he's played a couple of games for Norway.

And many for the U21s.

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After a great season last year (10 goals and 13 assists in 26 matches) He made his international début against Ukraine in November.


I wouldn't say he is a technical player. He's no David Ginola. He is fast and good at timing his runs so that he gets ahead of the defenders when he gets the right passes. As I mentioned his left foot is very good and he has scored quite a few goals from a distance, both while running with the ball and from free kicks. Unfortunately I don't have any clips to put up on youtube. The best example is in the youtube video I posted. And here's one where he shoots from about 40 meters (3:55 into the video) :

The ball catches a deflection from a player so it's not really a good example. I'll see if I can find some more vids on my comp.


Player profile : http://www.glimt.no/wips/1228152687/

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