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Just watched Warzone on one of the Channel 5 offspring channels.


Basically about life on the big military base in Afghanistan.


Not all bad, they have a 'disco', and I bet you can't guess which nation runs the 'disco'.


Thats right, not stereotyping at all.... its those 'Crazy Dutch guys'.

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Guest efctaxi

I have many friends from all over Europe ; especially Belgium and Holland , but it's very difficult to speak your language .

We ran / run many forums together , and believe me , I was glad they spoke perfect English :P

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if someone says first thing that comes to your head when i say belgium my answer would be chocolate.

for me the french are arrogant, the dutch smoke alot of weed, the italians talk with their hands and the spanish take far too many naps. Not being stereotypical there tho ;)

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Do You English have a stereotype for Belgians (I know the Dutch and French think we are dumb)



If i think about English in terms of stereotypes, they are a bunch of distant teadrinkers, wearing bowlerhats :)


Belgians are often stereotyped, where I am anyway, for nothing. I literally know nothing about Belgium except that you have the EU parliament there and nice chocolate.


Going there next year to the battlefields so I might get a better idea.

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