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Lost Season 5

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I got Lost:Season One for this christmas and thought that it was superb. I watched that in about two weeks and went on to buy Seasons 2, 3 & 4. It's a really good storyline and I haven't seen a series like it, some of the extras on the DVD's were quite cool too. Showing how they used Hawaii for evey scene in the seasons.


I don't think you can guess what will happen in the next season, because nothing is what it seems, and when you guess what might happen your a million miles away. I have a lot of questions, like the rest of the people who follow Lost. The cliffhanger in the last episode of Lost Season 4 was bloody good. Can't wait to find out what thats all about.

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Anyone else a fan of the show? What do you expect will happen this season?


Guilty. Apparently this series is going to be mostly about why the six have to go back and there's going to be a lot less use of flash back/forward. Seventeen episodes in this series (because they only got 14 of the planned 16 in the last series due to the writers strike) and seventeen in the next, which will be the last. Only Matthew Fox (of the cast members) knows how it's going to end :) .

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YEAH BABY! looks good, seen every episode so far, this is the "beginning of the end" as the advert put it. Next season is the last. Starts again sunday on sky one.

Season 1 was quality, 2 was abit poor but 3 and 4 picked up from where 1 left off - quality.

5 is going to be confussing i think, off the island, on the island. hopefully guna be good tho.

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Well I've seen the first 2 episodes and I can tell you...don't get your hopes up about anything being explained. Some cool stuff happens but there's a lot of "Why is this happening?" "Because....of something"


It seems that there are quite a few storylines set up in these first two and i know the oceanic 6 will return to the island THIS season, and not late on either. They get back pretty quickly, seemingly to a time scale which you'll find a bit about at the end of episode 2.


The third episode "Jughead" looks to be a good one, and according to Jorge Garcia (Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes), "We'll have some interesting information about the smoke monster this eason. While it's not explained I'm sure it will fuel a lot of theories"


He said that he read the information on the smoke monster in the most recent script, and he is currently filming episode 11...so expect some info there.


By the way, the titles for the episodes this season so far are:


01 - Because You Left

02 - The Lie

03 - Jughead

04 - The Little Prince

05 - This Place Is Death

06 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

07 - 316

08 - La Fleur

09 - Namaste

10 - He's Our You


That's all they've released so far but it looks like the Dharma Initiative will play a big part of this season, Namaste being their greeting and all...

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