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Got a really good score on there this morning, got to 100 thou and thought about packing it in but then i thought what if someone gets more than that, i might not have such a good game again and not be able to beat it, so i just kept going.


Not certain how they work, but after every 5 levels you get a bonus, and i think whatever you get on the bonus level is multiplied by whatever level your on, cos i got to level 95 and once i got over 100 thou the bonuses kept adding more and more on at every bonus level.


On the last one i went to make myself a cup of tea while the bonus was adding onto the score, in the end i deliberatly finished cos it took me over 2 hours. i think that was long enough.

shall never play it again cos if i got to 308 thou and fell short after 2 and a half hours i would throw the PC out the window.

Good luck and have plenty of patience if you attempt to beat it.


By the way thats a Brill score on the BMX. i cant compete with that.

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Too rich for me your lordship...though I may have an attempt once the school hols are over. The BMX score was Joshua, though I can get 40 or 50,000 myself. I suspect (in fact I'm certain) that if some of the expert gamers on here put their minds to it they could topple us but it's not something I want to encourage :D:D .

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Yeah, you need to put 3 hours aside to do it, I said i would never do it again.


Thats a good score tho, did the game beat you, or did you just get fed up and finish it yourself.


BTW ....What did you do to get that score on the BMX. ??


You get 800 points for jumping the ramp, 400 points for a double summersault onto the roof, 200 points for a single summersault off the roof and 10 points for each turn, i cant seem to put anything else in, so i can only get to 16,000 in 3 mins. :blink: Maybe Joshua can give me some tips. :D


Licker. ;)

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Didn't give up having got that close...we were probably only 10/15 mins from beating you but then the game got us :angry: .


The one tip Joshua is willing to impart...in his own words..


"xxxxxxxxxdeletedxxxxxxxxxxx" sorry, he changed his mind..I'll work on him for you ;)B) .


That's a starting point. Good luck (not really, hope you fail dismally :D:P ).

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By the way TL to get the bigger points as far as I can tell you need to make sure that you don't fall off your bike. I think that if you do tricks and stay on the bike the CL bar at the bottom goes up and think this might times your score.


Also you get the bigger points by doing the flips.


Think what you need to do is press the x button and then a dirrection either up or do to do flip. Find that you get 4000 points for each one and can some times get 2 or 3 in depending on how high you go.


There might be other things that you can do but not found that yet

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" Find that you get 4000 points."




aah, so you have got a different game, cos i only get 400. :o


Tell me if i'm wrong........................

a flip over the Ramp......................800.

a double flip on or off the roof........400.

a single flip along the road.............200.

a turn, or a swivel in the saddle.......10.


with my CL on full 5 bars not falling of my bike. i've never had 1.000S for any of them.

Christ Joshua and Mikeo, must have done 20 flips of an aeroplane wing to get that score. :D:D

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2 different things.


If you just press the up button you do a summersault. If you press x and hold (i think) and then the up button you do a modifed summersault with your hands or legs coming of the bike.


Like wise if you press the down button.


Also if you press the left or right button you do a spin but again if you press and hold the x button first and press left or right you do a one with hands or feet coming of the bike for more points

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'licker...do a simple turn but press z at the same time as the arrow...instead of 10pts for a spin you get 140 for a "spin and peacock". I took your high score by doing just that for three minutes :D . Adam's right, you then just add tricks to the jumps by playing with the Z & X and arrow buttons in mid-air. But don't tell Josh I told you :huh: .

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Sounds too complicated for me, i can only use two fingers. But thanks anyway.


One good turn deserves another................................


on the Match up game, always work from the top, have a look down the bottom so you can see you can make a line of three if you need to, but leave it there.

If you run out of moves, you know its there as a last resort, some times you might have to use it, but it opens up more moves at the top.


Good hunting ................3 hrs. :)

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Said I could increase my score and think I can get it even higher but don't know how much more.


When I was reading the help section it says to keep you CL bar high to be able to do extra tricks I think it is but not managed to do that unless it means that you can't do the 4000k tricks unless that bar is high enough

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