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Bent And Dos Santos

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bent has been offered to sunderland and 6 mill for kenwyne jones alegedley in the papera today


to be honest i dont think anyone will come in im dissapointed but cant see us getting anyone you cant tell me the maanger didnt have ideas of who he could try and get in before xmas and we are 3 weeks into the window and nothing has happend as per normal

but as moyes said how can you improve a top six side with loan players whos gonna be good enough for nothing and if the players are good enough no ones gonna let them go

i still feel our scouting staff arnt as good as some of the others when you look at what the likes of wigan brought in the likes of valencia and palacious for relativley nothing and one of them has left for 14 mill and valencia looks as if hes gonna command a big fee,

on another note jimmy bullard would hav e been a great addition at 5 mill stil beggers belief than we couldnt raise 5 mill

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whoever signed them isnt important what i was saying is that other teams seem to find gems why cant we :o i was using these 2 as examples


Darren Bent is hardly a gem at £16.5 million and Dos Santos costing £8.6 million is still very unproven all the players below are gems that cost very little and could play in most teams in the PL.



Cahil - £1.5 million

Pienaar - £2 million

Arteta - £2 million

Jagielka - £4 million

Lescott - £4/5 million

Howard - £3 million

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