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Moyes V Redknapp


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I remember reading something somewhere else on the forum (but can't remember where) about how Redknapp conducts the majority of his transfer dealings.


If he is asked about a player, then he will actually turn around and say something along the lines of 'Yes, were interested but I'm not too sure if his club are prepared to sell... etc). Effectively he taps these players up to unsettle them .


Moyes was asked about Kuranyi today, and he maintained his usual dignified stance.


[*]Sky - How far along the line did the Kuranyi deal go, and are you likely to do something in the summer?

[*]Moyes- You've interviewed me often enough to know my answer to that. I don't like to talk about players at other clubs. If he's not here then I don't think its right to talk about other clubs players. I'm only interested at the moment in the players who are here, and who are available for wednesday


Excellent response and showed the way it should be done in my opinion!

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Harry changes clubs so frequently , it's tempting to question his motivation .


I misread that (don't have my glasses on) as, "....it's tempting to question his medication." :lol: .


Anyway, agree with the sentiment of the thread.


Nice not to have a blinkered delusional paranoid madman in charge (like some clubs in the local area :D ).

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It was me who posted that mate. Redknapp has no class at all, he's a wanker IMO. Moyes, for all his faults, is very respectful to other clubs and their players and thats exactly as it should be.



I'm sorry but I must object top you calling Harry a wanker who has no class. If you must throw insults around like this make sure they are accurate. Anyone can see that Mr Redknapp is an ugly wanker who has no class, Would you buy a car from him :rolleyes:

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