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That's all the lad needed. Never really got the chance when he first came and his confidence dropped. I think he can feel he has the backing of the fans and seems to be really enjoying his game and it isn't half showing. Was obviously tired against Arsenal, but made up for it again last night.

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osman will never get a call-up...not good enough, not even close. jags and lescott should be in the squad however i feel only one of them will be and if it's lescott i'll be furious


Agreed. As much as I love Osman there are much better English midfielders than him.

Jags should be ahead of Lescott in the England pecking order.

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I find it scandalous that Jags has been overlooked previously in favour of Mancienne and Upson!


Think all 3 of the blue boys could be in with a shout..... How about I throw Hibbert into the mix aswell. I've been one of his biggest critics, but I think his form recently has been outstanding. Looked like a different player for us!


An all Everton back 4... ha ha, we can dream!

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Capello thought process:


Hmmm, let's see..we're playing Spain, Torres is the main threat, how do we deal with him.....? Is there any English central defender who has shwon he can consistently cope with Torres...?


It's a no-brainer - Jags will not only be in the squad, he'll start if either Terry or Ferdinand are unfit (and he should start ahead of Terry on current form anyway).

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