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Pip's Form


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Is it me or has pip learnt how to pass and play football on the ground alot better.


We were all saying last season how he is a great right back but awful in midfield. Which I agree with. However having moved to play rightback at the start of the season he was one of the best players and he has seemlessly moved into midfield and is playing so much better with composure and class.


He didn'tlook out of place against RS.



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Pienaar has been fantastic this season, he's been making the right moves on the pitch and has been part of the success we've had. He's never really looked like a bad player but since the Wigan game in 2008 he's been one of our best. There are more good things than bad about Steven;


(+) Fast

(+) Tricky

(+) Fantastic work rate

(+) Good at holding up the ball

(+) Good with decision making

(+) On good terms with the club. Makes the right noises.


Can't really find a major fault with Pienaar. If I was going to the absolute extremes then I could say he gets pushed of the ball a little too much but that's extremely petty. One of the best players we have in my opinion.

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