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All We Need Is Love..!

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I know there's a thread about him already but I was a bit too lazy to find it and kinda wanted to use this corny title.


Davie was at the game on Wed, probably scouting him out, and I must say it was the first time I've really seen him play, but he looked quality - strong, pacy, good feet, can pass, looked like he's got a good work ethic, and I think he's the kind of player who could quickly fit in and hack it in the Prem.


Some news today that we're looking at him, may cost 12 mil - but may also be interest from Man City.

What d'you guys reckon. Love, Jo, Jak, Saha, Anichebe, Vaughan. I think we'd have to sell to buy him, I'd personally let Victor go. But to be honest, I can see City sweeping in on this one and offering him gallons of black gold.

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Really don't think we'd get him. I think Love will be the sort of player who loves the rich lifestyle and lets be honest, we won't be able to give him that! I think Love is awesome, i'd have him in our team anyday, said it in the last thread but we can't offer the £120K a week wages that City wil be offering!? Sorry to say Davey, u ain't getting this one :(

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Have to agree that although I would love to see him and Jo up front for us it isnt going to happen. Financialy its going to cost an awful lot to bring him here plus the wages, if anyone gets him it will be Man City.


It does raise another point "How many strikers do we need?"


Saha - Injury prone but class when fit, may stay on next year depending on...


Jo - Undoubted quality and skill, needs arm round the shoulder (like pineear) but a very good left footed striker gives us a different option. Bags of pace, skill and control. If we sign him and please God we will he gives us mobility and the option to operate in a advanced left position and cut in.


Yak - Lazy?, Slow? Lond dry spells? 20+ goals last season, Usualy in top 5 strikers list at end of the season. I think with the team we now have he will prove to be one of the highest scoring strikers we have had in a long time he is a natural goal scorer and with Jo in the team and us playing balls on the deck he will really shine.


Ananchebe - Strong, Powerful, Terrorises defences. Lazy, loses interest, sulks, not prolific? All aply to him on his day he is a handful and a real asset to the team. If he can have the consistancy he showed against Villa and RS and develop an eye for goal then he is going to be very good, if not then he needs to be cut lose - next season will be key for him.


Vaughn - Speed Speed Speed, enthusiastic, eye for goal - Injury prone, runs around like a headless chicken, hurls himself into tackels he doesnt need to. IF he can stay fil, learn were to run to and when and calm down a tad then again will be aquality act. Along with Anachebe next season will determin his Everton future.



Then we have Cahil who is arguably the best attacking midfielder in the leauge at the mo, great at operating behined a single striker, drawing off defenders and bursting into the box. Set pices cause opponents nightnares always in their faces a very very good asset.


Fellani - potential to be a very very good player, can head, good control, can pass, strong as an ox, but tackles like hulk hogan. In my opinion a all round midfielder who is better going forwards and helping lauch attacks - not a holding midfielder by any strech.



We are well coverd in attack and dont need another striker appart from Jo (if he carrys on as he has started!). Any money we would have spent on Love would be better spent on a genuine wide player with pace, control and a good accurate cross, and possably a holding midfielder to cover nev and protect rodwell. Step forward Many on a years loan with option to buy ;)

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I think we will break a deal with City they sell us Jo aslong as we dont show an interest in Love. They would be a great partnership but we would have to sell alot more than the Yak to fund those two upfront.


I agree but I think we could also sell Anichebe. Add that to the transfer budget we get (If we get one...) and we might have enough for Jo and a quality winger. We play a 4-5-1 most of the time anyway so whats all this crap about having 2 really good strikers in the starting 11? just need Jo up front and Cahill not too far behind. 2 strikers aren't essential. Saha and Vaughn can work off the bench.

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