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Moyes To Blood Youngsters

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It will either wortk or it wont! But with Cahill, Valente, Hibbert, Carsley (Ban) out for the rest of the season and with Arteta who has just got back from injury he isn't match fit and Van Der Meyde not yet fit, I supose yes it is time to play the young Prospects! Victor Anchibe i have heard nuthin but praise for the lad! Bjarne Thour Vidersson not seen him. but like the others yeh we look thin as a sqau now with injuries and bans so yes give them a try, it will work :D or it wont :( ?

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Think he was mainly on about Turner.


I would have thought that Turner will start the next 2 games and if reports that we are going to sign Tim Howard on load are true I think that we might not see Wright again.


What is wrong with Hibbo???? and is he out for the season now?

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hopefully boro will be tired cos they are playin in the uefa cup tonite, and it looks like they will have a different goalkeeper in. i hope moyes plays turner all game and anichebe for the second half. frm what i can gather, anichebe is scoring goals all over the place for the reserves!


as long as he gets wright out il be :D

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offical site shows saturday 3pm ko


middlesbrough have got a nasty run in from today onwards


tonight - steau Bucharest (H)

Saturday - Everton (H)

Monday - Man U (A)

Wednesday - Bolton (A)

Sunday - Fulham (A)


how it pays to have a mediocure season with no long cup runs. the Everton hads can stroll around for the last few weeks playing 1 game a week max.

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