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Rooney Out! Beattie In!

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OK I'm English. But did anyone else (when Rooney was rolling around in pain with a broken foot) not give a toss about the England eleven, but thought there was a small chance Beattie could make the plane to Germany?? Lineker was nearly in tears on MOTD and all I could think was 1 Rooney out 2 Owen Doubtfull 3 Defoe 4 Crouch 5 Bent Beattie could move to 5th choice. Club before country

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The oly thing that crossed my mind when Rooney went down was s@it tthe world cup is coming up.


Woudl rather have Rooney in the England squad then Beattie.


Want to see us win the in my lifetime and believe that we need Rooney to do it

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See that it has been confirmed that an injured player can be changed right up to the day before our first game (10th June)


Rooney will be in the squad and see how is is on the 9th and if there is a chance he will play after the group stages then he will be picked.


Reports say yesterday that he can only take a risk on either ROoney or Owen.


Know who I would rather have

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I think that has to be the case - you can't risk both Rooney and Owen.


As stated Rooney will be in the squad until last minute has to be made. I am sure stand-bys will be in the training camp and ready to go with the squad.


But I can't see how England can train or prepare for the finals properly with both first choice strikers already carrying injuries and not able to take part in training sessions. To train and prepare for a game with one sitting on the sidlines is difficults but with both strikers sitting in the sideline has to be impossible - doesn't it?


But still think Beattie is well down Svens pecking order of strikers he would take to the World Cup. Beattie needed to go on a great goal scoring run to really get a chance to be in Sven's plans- alas in April it dried up for him.


Right or wrong my view of Svens order of prefference is :







Andy Johnson



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