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Hillsborough Game

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Anyone watch this last night?


Some Blue legends on display (and some not quite so legendary :P )...Steven, Bracewell, Mimms, Watson...er...Barlow (although Ablett, McMahon, Beardsley and Hutchinson played for Liverpool). Stubbsy had a cracking shot but him and Mimms (who looked handy I thought) combined to intentionally give Dalglish a late goal.

Trevor Steven needs to do something with his hair :o . Shocking.


Funniest thing for me was Dave Watson going "up" for a header in the Liverpool box. He climbed all over the defender to gain extra height and still only managed to get about six inches off the ground :lol: . Know the feeling exactly Dave mate :rolleyes: .

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The last time I remember Watson in the Liverpool penalty area, was the cup replay after the 4-4 From what I can remember he didn't get very high off the ground on that occasion.....but still smashed the ball home.Guess that was quite a rare non headed goal from the big man.

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Dont think he got in the penalty area for that one, it was a 30 yarder from well outside the box. :)



I'm calling for every piece of video footage!.......every last ounce of memory!......an eye witness!......

..even Kenny Dalglish (ooopps, sorry he wasn't there!)


WAS Watson in the box!!...............or was he infact 30 yards outside!!.


surely there's some footage out there!!.....I'm not clever enough to get it onto this forum.


And Bill I will not accept some digitaly enhanced footage showing Watson scoring from OUTSIDE the box.........only clips showing watson scoring from inside the area will be welcome :rolleyes:

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Dont think he got in the penalty area for that one, it was a 30 yarder from well outside the box. :)



Found the video :) .....The 4-4 game, and highlights of the 1-0!


What a friggin game that 4-4 was, watched some of it as I searched for that Watson goal!


Here blow by blow is what happened!.....Everton broke quickly down the left, ending in a foul just into the liverpools half.The long free kick was missed by everyone except Keown, he should have scored but Grobbelaar made a great save with his legs, sending the ball upwards into the packed penalty area.Molby then made a massive mistake, letting the ball trickle onto roughly the penalty spot, for good old Dave Watson to smash home.......a brilliant strike from well inside the box ;)

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