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Guest efctaxi

If not male athlete of the year , then I'll go for the Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup .


They played against each other in 2007 in which the States won 1-0 .


Africa later beat Cameroon in 2008 and Norway in 2009 .


From what I can gather , it's just 1 match , where South Africa challenge other countries .


Can I have my badge now ? :)

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Guest efctaxi
Oooh....aren't you the clever one!


I suggest as your prize....not a badge....but half a pound of finest blue sausages :lol: !




:graduated: Clever no lol . Resourceful yes . It took a long time to get to the answer believe me .

Man , have you seen those sausages ? They look like they've been trapped in a door . :D



Halton's answer to Travis Bickle has answered it correctly! :D


You talkin to me ? :whistle:

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