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Sunderland Taken Over Too

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Is anyone else looking at Sunderland and seeing the potential for a sleeping giant in the making?


1: They're the only team in town, and for the moment the only PL team in the whole damn region, which means that they've got a big edge in attracting the regional business dollars, if they're smart enough to take advantage of it.


2: They have now the third-largest stadium in the EPL after Man U and Arsenal, and even in a crappy, relegation-threatened season like this one they still drew over 40,000 a game, so if they ever get good they could probably get it up closer to 50,000.

50,000 fans per home game is a lot of extra money coming in every match day.


3: Wealthy new ownership=probably more investment=potentially better players


4: And now the rumors of hiring a proven, big-name manager like Mancini (who won three straight Serie A titles with Inter)


With the inherent advantages they already have in 1 and 2, this is starting to look to me like a club that could make some big strides forward in the next several years, IF they get the right manager, and IF he spends the new owner's money wisely.

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Guest efctaxi

They weren't exactly holding back the pennies in the market recently .


There was talk then of a sleeping giant etc etc , but look what happened . It would need very good business men at the club , and a very astute manager to get them back to the glory days of old .


We're a much better team than Sunderland , but it's not hard to see how far behind the top 4 we are at the moment despite a fantastic manager .


For Sunderland to get there would be some achievement when you consider the spending power already available to other clubs .


Fans think titles can be bought , and at one time , you probably could , but there are already many clubs with very deep pockets in the Prem .

Once the money men have invaded every club , everything goes back to square one again , as everyone has money .


What is left is a big expensive mess with everyone cancelling everyone else out again . The clubs that don't win things will self destruct .

Players that are only worth 2 million will be bought and sold for rediculous amounts then left to rot as they become unsellable elsewhere when things go tits up .


There will probably be no English players in the Prem soon the way things are going , if the money men get a grip .


Booooooooooooooooom :lol:

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They weren't exactly holding back the pennies in the market recently .


1) look at who they had spending those pennies - Keane and Sbragia are practically schoolboy managers compared to the likes of Mancini (if that rumor is true)

2) they didn't have a Premier League monopoly on the entire northeast before (which will be a big advantage in attracting sponsor dollars versus someone like, say, West Ham, who will always be at best the sponsors' 4th or 5th choice team in London, or Bolton, who's stuck fighting with Wigan for the leftovers after Man United and Man City have gotten what they need).


I'm not saying they're any kind of sure thing. People thought Newcastle was a sure thing after Ashley took over and hired Allardyce and greenlighted a bunch of spending, and look what happened to them.


What I'm saying is that right now they appear to have some things going for them that, if they manage them correctly, and if they make the right hires, and if this new owner is more Randy Lerner than Mike Ashley, add up to things that could help them finally start going places. But yes, those are a lot of ifs that they'll have to answer.

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4: And now the rumors of hiring a proven, big-name manager like Mancini (who won three straight Serie A titles with Inter)

Steve Bruce is virtually signed, sealed and delivered though. Anything but a big name and a very average manager imo. Not a bad one, but nothing special.

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