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Everton Players Playing For Their Country

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Do you like the fact our players get picked for there country? i no its an honour an they deserve it, i'm not doubt that at all.


My question is givin the choice would you prefer them not play for there countires.


When it comes to friendlys i'd prefer them to stay at home and rest an train with the lads, reather then fly half way around the room like Cahill does. an come back tired or injured.


When it comes to Quals or Finals then yes i love seeing them play for there country. Except when its the african cup which i hate.

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Guest efctaxi

I am proud of them when they get selected .

It shows that they have performed well , and are justifiably rewarded for their efforts .


If they get injured , so be it . They are professionals , and they go in for a tackle for example the same way every time . It's a sport where injuries happen .


Regarding being away with the squad , if they didn't want to do it , they could opt out , but for most , it's the pinnacle of their career .

Yes , it would be nice to have 100% fit players , but it's also good for their confidence too, so we gain in other respects .

We also get a bigger price for them if they are Internationals .

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for friendlies i prefer it if they stayed at home but during competitions i like to see them play and do well





Every player wants to play for their country and the more of our players that are given international recognition the more recognition we get as a club.

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